What are the Benefits of an Enterprise SEO Service?

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SEO is a huge industry and within this broad category there are sub-divisions of SEO services that cater to specific types of businesses. If you have a large company with multiple departments and want to maximize your online presence an enterprise SEO service could be the way forward. 

Enterprise SEO targets the largest companies that want to compete for the top spots on SERPs for various keywords but it offers much more than that. As you will see below, an enterprise SEO service can greatly boost your brand reputation, and improve your online presence, but also give you access to key market data that can help your company grow. 

If you feel that your business has the potential but isn’t quite hitting the mark, we discuss seven fantastic benefits of an enterprise SEO service below.

enterprise seo service

1. It Gives You Access to More Data

  • In today’s digital world data means power and the more information you have, the more you can do with it. If we have two businesses – one which acts purely on gut feeling and another that acts with informed decisions backed by data and statistics which do you think succeeds? 
  • Sure the businesses acting on emotion might score a few big wins but the business that utilizes data will perform consistently and rarely make any wrong moves. 
  • Enterprise SEO services give you access to that data. You can gain better insight into your customers and their spending habits but also your competitors and what they are doing to be successful.

2. Brand Awareness Improves

It’s quite easy to get caught up in ranking at the top of Google search result pages but you should also consider your brand awareness. 

Every time someone sees your website on Google whether it’s the first or fifth result your brand recognition is bolstered. They will become accustomed to your brand and start to think “hmm, I keep seeing that company, they seem to have a good reputation, let’s check them out”. 

By using an enterprise SEO service you can significantly raise your brand awareness across multiple channels like Google searches and social media. This will ultimately push our business forward and only add to the success of your SEO campaigns.

2. To Keep Track of the Overall Site Structure

Have you ever looked through your website files to find random pages that seemingly have no purpose or connection with anything else? This can be a nightmare and as websites grow it’s especially easy to lose track of the content. 

Having an HTML sitemap gives you a focal point where you can keep track of the overall structure of your website. If you map every page you can simply refer back to it when you need to add more content, monitor ad campaigns and look for linking opportunities.

3. Improve Workflow Across Multiple Departments

As your company grows it can be difficult to keep consistency and cohesiveness across departments. It’s quite easy for things to become fragmented and for different teams to output different content that is at odds with your overall SEO plan and business strategy. 

Enterprise SEO services typically allow communication between departments and allow you to easily send information to multiple parties. You could make sure your marketing, sales, and social media teams for example are using the same keywords in their content. 

Instead of focusing on one area of your business, this type of SEO service allows you to seemingly manage everything as a whole which is far more effective.

4. Help Expand Into New Markets

Without the right data it can be incredibly difficult for an enterprise business to expand into new markets. 

It’s simply too costly and potentially dangerous to try and tap into a new customer base without that info – imagine spending thousands on a marketing campaign and SEO strategy only to realize halfway in that your products simply won’t sell well. 

With an enterprise SEO service you have access to that all-important customer data and you can easily find new potential business opportunities. This enables you to consider expansion and target untapped markets with much less risk.

5. Maintain Your Authority Status

Enterprise companies are expected to have a certain level of authority – you’re a big company, so you should be responsible and have excellent business connections right? 

In practice that can be difficult to achieve but an enterprise SEO service can bolster your authority and turn your company into something that people respect and rely on. One of the main processes is via the link-building opportunities it presets and you can easily create a high-authority link strategy that gives you influence with other respected enterprise-level companies.

6. Create More Effective Social Messages

Today enterprise businesses have to carefully craft their social messaging and how they present themselves to the outside world. 

This can be difficult to achieve and it’s tricky to maintain consistency across departments and all online channels. Enterprise SEO provides your business with a wealth of information allowing you to look at current social trends and the sentiments of your customers. 

This information can then be given to your various departments such as marketing and social media with the aim of creating a cohesive social message and online presence that reflects current trends and social moods.

7. Better Target Local Markets

As your company grows you can often get tunnel vision for national and global markets. This can come at the expense of local markets and while having a vast network of customers is beneficial, so is tailoring your content to appeal to local communities. 

Oftentimes you can compete easier for localized keywords and search terms than you can more generic phrases. 

An enterprise SEO service will allow you to tap into the gold mines that are local markets including making separate keyword campaigns for different regions within a country for example. You can still maintain a fantastic national presence, but start to reap the benefits of targeted strategies to appeal to lucrative local regions.

Do I Need an Enterprise SEO Service?

If you are a solo entrepreneur or own a small business there is no point in paying for an enterprise SEO service as many of the tools and options simply won’t be beneficial. Enterprise SEO really starts to pay dividends when you want to upscale and grow your business or already have a large customer base that you want to develop.

Article by:

Joshua George is the founder of ClickSlice, an SEO Agency based in London, UK.

He has eight years of experience as an SEO Consultant and was recently hired by the UK government for SEO training. Joshua also owns the best-selling SEO course on Udemy, and has taught SEO to over 100,000 students.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, AgencyAnalytics, Wix and lots more other reputable publications.