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How Joshua George Created ClickSlice, the UK's Top SEO Agency for Driving Organic Traffic

ClickSlice is a diverse, Black-owned, London-based SEO agency primed to take your business's online presence to the next level. Discover our story and how our founder, Joshua George, scaled his agency from a side hobby to the SEO behemoth of today.


Meet Joshua George, Britain's Best SEO Consultant

From humble beginnings, Joshua George has built his career as the UK’s leading SEO consultant from scratch.

With over 100,000 students on his award-winning SEO courses, plus MILLIONS of pounds of revenue generated — and counting! — Joshua George is the go-to expert for SEO consultancy in London. With work featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Agency Analytics, Joshua is a regular on the UK’s vibrant SEO scene, including speaking spots at BrightonSEO and on various industry podcasts.

As the founder of ClickSlice, Joshua is hands-on, attending sales meetings, checking in on every client, and closely monitoring his team’s success.

The ClickSlice Story

Discover how ClickSlice came to be and the success behind the brand.

An eBay Seller in 2015

Back in 2015, Joshua George was running one of the UK’s most prolific eBay stores and coming up against the usual challenges. High fees, difficulty managing an ecommerce supply and demand, and the constant battle of ranking product listings meant that Joshua was constantly on the hunt for tricks to optimise his listings and increase revenue.

Fed up with the high fees to run a listing on eBay, Joshua set up his own website to drive traffic but soon found it wasn’t quite as easy as he thought. Even after investing in great web development and a fantastic design, his organic traffic and revenue from sales plummeted. Joshua started to search for answers to, ‘How to drive traffic to a web page?’

An SEO Expert Was Born!

An SEO Expert Was Born!

That’s when Joshua stumbled on search engine optimization, and life hasn’t been the same ever since! For the next three years, Joshua studied and read everything he could get his hands on to answer that elusive question: how a website owner can get their site to the first page of Google.

He consumed all there is on online visibility, creating high-quality backlinks, and the secrets to driving more organic traffic to websites. He listened to the experts, investigated digital solutions, and started to put all he had into practice. Then, he worked to conduct keyword research, compile marketing materials, and set up his own digital marketing agency, where he could spill the beans on the internet’s best-kept secret: the power of SEO in your marketing strategy.

ClickSlice Starts Offering SEO Services

Enter ClickSlice in 2016, one of the UK’s first Black-owned SEO companies. ClickSlice was born as a place for Joshua to put into practice everything he had learned, and with big-name businesses as our first clients, the only way was up.

But it’s not always been smooth sailing — Joshua George faced challenges like every digital agency owner. It took time to find the right team of very talented people, create a digital presence of our own, and build a fool-proof SEO strategy that works every time.

Yet now, ClickSlice is recognised globally as the UK’s leading Black-owned SEO company, with a roster of huge clients seeing incredible results month after month, and an industry-beating, scalable SEO strategy that works for every client and is unique to ClickSlice.

The UK Government's Trusted SEO Partner

The UK Government's Trusted SEO Partner

The highlight of Joshua George’s career? It must be his role in the British government’s SEO strategy. Running an in-house training session for some of the government’s brightest web specialists, Joshua George gave exceptional training, helping the government site reach people who need their services on the first page of Google.

Our Agency's Award-Winning SEO Results

Now, ClickSlice is London’s best SEO agency, reaching clients across the UK and the globe. With a diverse British and international team based on expertise and speedy services, ClickSlice serves the best and brightest of the internet’s businesses.

From social media marketing to comprehensive digital marketing packages, our Black-owned agency is expanding, becoming your go-to option for any online visibility strategy. Whether you’re looking to propel your ecommerce brand with enough website visitors to sell out your stock or a Google Ads partner to help you get a leg up on the competition, ClickSlice is the best option for an all-around strategy to boost your revenue.

Our Expert SEO Services to Attract Your Dream Customers

When your customers are looking for the product or service you provide, they turn to a search engine to hunt down a business just like yours. Nowadays, over 93% of global traffic comes from a Google search, so if your webpage doesn’t appear on the search results, you’re potentially missing out on $MILLIONS in sales.

Search engine optimization is the process of bringing this website traffic to your business. Through keyword research, on-page optimization, a complete SEO audit, and regularly creating high-quality content, our expert team does everything you need to climb the search engine rankings.
Our signature SEO strategy is why we’ve propelled our clients into greatness. With stunning results, such as a 69% organic revenue for Humax and a 330% increase in organic traffic for Project Solar UK, Joshua George’s unique approach to SEO has proven itself time and time again.
Now it’s your turn. Reach out to our expert team now and discover how working with ClickSlice is the logical next step towards your business goals. In our initial call, we’ll talk you through the current situation online, looking at your website’s authority, any relevant content you have online, and the web design that underpins your online approach. Then, we’ll show you exactly how we’ll skyrocket your traffic, and then we’ll get to work. Book your call with our sales team today.

A Black-Owned Business with a World-Leading Diverse Team

We’re proud of Joshua’s incredible story of growth and our unique focus on exceptional quality to deliver outstanding results. But the powerhouse behind our continued success is our diverse, highly-qualified team.
Supporting Joshua George is our fully remote, exceptionally qualified team of SEO consultants, content writers, and technical whizzes. From Eastern Europe to Mexico, our team works across timezones to get the job done, and collectively, we speak a huge 13 languages fluently!
Like other Black-owned businesses, we know that the best people for the job are those who are the most qualified. No matter your gender, race, or ethnicity, ClickSlice prioritises results. Behind the brand is our passion for doing a great job. The thing that unites us all? We simply love showing up and surprising our customers with insane revenue figures they only dreamt of.
Work with ClickSlice, one of the UK’s leading Black-owned SEO agencies, today, and see how our diverse team can bring your business to new heights.

Work with a Black-Owned, Industry-Beating SEO Company

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-million dollar conglomerate, ClickSlice is the digital marketing agency for you.
Forged with the spirit of Black entrepreneurs, ClickSlice is proud to be Black-owned and diverse. Our team comes from all over the world and is united by our drive to get your business results. From rapid revenue boosters to incredible online traffic growth, our SEO strategy always gets your site in front of your dream target audience.
See what ClickSlice can do for you, and book your call today.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is improving a website’s visibility on search engine results pages by optimizing content, solving technical issues, and building authority. A lot goes into search engine optimization to increase website traffic, including web design, software development, content marketing, backlinking, market research, and more.
We certainly can do that. When you start working with ClickSlice, you’ll have access to a dedicated partner working on your digital marketing from the ground up. That means we can help you with many aspects of your business, including content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce development.

If you’re looking for a search engine optimization specialist, Joshua George is the best in the business. You can work directly with Joshua on your business’s SEO campaign through his agency ClickSlice, or you can study SEO with him via his online courses on Udemy. Finally, Joshua George offers SEO consultation packages to exclusive businesses remotely or in London. Contact us for more.

Whether small businesses or larger companies, getting onto the first page of search engines is difficult. Many parts must be considered, including web development, content marketing, e-commerce development, web design, keyword research, backlinks and more.

If your business prioritises organic traffic as part of its marketing strategy, working with an SEO-focused marketing agency like ClickSlice is guaranteed to boost your website traffic.

ClickSlice is a Black-owned SEO company with a diverse team. We know that the best people for the job are those most passionate about SEO – not those with a specific skin colour or gender. As a result, our team comprises premium SEO consultants from across the world.

Like other Black-owned SEO agencies, we’re proud of the results that our diverse team brings. Why not let us show you what ClickSlice can do for your business? Book a call with our team today.

As well as our full scope-SEO service, ClickSlice offers PPC and paid marketing strategies, PR services, and web design and development services. In today’s digital age, a holistic strategy often performs best. So, if you’re a client looking for app development, reputation management, mobile app development or more, we’ll make it our mission to help.
Yes. Our founder, Joshua George, is Black, and, like other Black-owned businesses, we’re proud to be a diverse, multi-cultural team. ClickSlice welcomes clients worldwide, and our culture-adopted approach transcends borders to deliver incredible SEO campaigns every time. See for yourself our results, and explore our case studies here.
As well as our outstanding SEO services, Joshua George is proud to be Udemy’s top expert in SEO courses, teaching new consultants, small business owners, and small agency teams the ins and outs of building a comprehensive SEO strategy. To join a course, visit Joshua George’s Udemy profile here.
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Joshua George is the founder of ClickSlice, an SEO Agency based in London, UK.

He has eight years of experience as an SEO Consultant and was recently hired by the UK government for SEO training. Joshua also owns the best-selling SEO course on Udemy, and has taught SEO to over 100,000 students.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, AgencyAnalytics, Wix and lots more other reputable publications.