SEO Training London

SEO Training

ClickSlice creates and delivers bespoke SEO training to businesses across London.

We can also provide bespoke SEO training remotely via Zoom to businesses in other parts of the UK.

SEO Courses

Enrol in our best-selling SEO courses and give your team the skills they need to rocket your organic web traffic.

All courses are taught by the Owner and Director of ClickSlice!



SEO Training in London (or via Zoom)

Learn how SEO works and how to implement it with custom SEO training tailored to your business.

SEO doesn’t have to be difficult, I’m here to make it easy.

What Does the SEO Training Consist of?

How to outrank your competitors

We’ll analzye your competitors and create a custom SEO strategy to beat them. Its time to take over and dominate.

How to find profitable keywords to target

We’ll show you how to find the best keywords to target for your business and how to track them all to easily measure your progress.

How to perfectly optimise every page on your site

We’ll reveal the exact optimisation strategies we use at the agency to generate all our clients amazing results, again and again.

How to build backlinks and avoid Google penalties

We’ll show you how you can land high quality backlinks that will boost your websites visibility in Google and most importantly, avoid any penalties.

How to convert your traffic into buyers

There’s no point in generating more traffic if the traffic doesn’t convert. Learn how to convert any traffic into additional revenue for your business.

How to use SEO tools to expedite the process

SEO tools provide a wealth of data that you can act upon, the more data you have the more reliable decisions you’ll be able to make. Learn how to use best SEO tools efficiently.

Meet your SEO Trainer, Joshua George

Hi, I’m Joshua George.

(Yes, I know, my last name is also a first name too 😑 )

I currently oversee 50 national SEO campaigns, every single month. There isn’t anything I haven’t seen in the world of SEO. 

If you want better results from your SEO, I’m your guy!

SEO doesn’t have to be difficult and boring.

I’m here to make it fun.



SEO Courses (via Future Learn)

ClickSlice has partnered up with the online education giant, FutureLearn to provide a selection of Industry leading SEO courses.  

These courses are all taught by owner of ClickSlice and cover every aspect of SEO.

Instead of paying £XX,XXX every month to agencies, learn the whole process yourself and reduce your marketing spend.

Our Best-Selling Online SEO Courses

Learn how to best implement on-page and technical SEO to best improve a WordPress website’s ranking on Google.

Grow your business by learning how to use your Google My Business listing to generate more hot leads, inquiries, and sales.

Watch an SEO expert show you how to get a local business onto the first page of Google – in real-time. 

Learn how to build strong backlinks that get your business ranking on Google’s first page with this online link building course.

Get SEO Certified

Highlight the new skills you’ve gained and supplement existing qualifications with a hard-earned, industry-specific digital certificate.

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