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5 Must-Read PPC Blogs for Marketers and Advertisers

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A crucial part of marketing and advertising is learning and keeping up to date with new techniques and technologies. If you let your knowledge slide, your skills can quickly become outdated which could reduce the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

This is why things like PPC blogs are a brilliant source of information and can help keep your PPC skills fresh. In the below article, I take a look at 5 PPC blogs that you should subscribe to in 2024.

Criteria for Selection

When selecting the top blogs I didn’t just go for search engine relevance. Instead, I looked at their credentials, success, and the actual content of the PPC articles. Selection criteria included:

  • Proven success in the field of SEO and PPC.
  • Interesting subject matters that deal directly with PPC.
  • Engaging and informative content.
  • Easy to understand language.

Quality over quantity was a driving factor and I selected blogs that give useful info that businesses could utilize today.

Top 5 Must-Read PPC Blogs

The blogs below sometimes address the general topic of SEO and digital marketing, but always have a dedicated section or articles relating to PPC and have been listed in no particular order.

1. ClickSlice

ClickSlice is an expert pay-per-click solution and bespoke SEO agency based in London and offers PPC advice that is perfect for new business owners and those looking to grow their PPC marketing efforts.

With a proven track record and a large client base, the ClickSlice blog uses this experience to give a real insight into the PPC industry, and examples of blog subjects include Amazon PPC, analysis of PPC tools, and using emotion to boost your PPC ad copy.

2. PPC Hero

With a name like PPC Hero, why would you NOT want to check this blog out? This website has an extensive series of blogs relating to PPC marketing, each of which is well-written, interesting, and includes the writer’s thoughts which is sometimes lacking in modern content.

Examples of topics covered include PPC link-building strategies, crafting PPC landing pages, the relationship between AI and PPC, and delving into the nuances of different PPC platforms like Google Ads. Aside from PPC, PPC Hero also features categories for programming, social media, SEO, and CRO.

3. Adcore

man in suit typing on his laptopAdcore is primarily a digital marketing solution but the company also presents a well-crafted blog with plenty of PPC advice. They have an emphasis on PPC automation and have a wave of articles that allow readers to keep up to date with developments and new strategies in this area of PPC.

The articles have a nice flow and have tags so they can be easily searched and I like the use of quotations and statistics to enhance the quality of the writing. The PPC section of the blog is also split into different categories including articles, news, how-to’s and guides.

4. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a huge repository on everything SEO and it has a dedicated subcategory for PPC. This includes basic introduction articles describing the purpose of PPC and how it works, through to more advanced blogs detailing specific PPC processes and hacks.

If you want further learning and to find things like PPC books, tools, and platforms, this blog is for you. There is an emphasis on Google Ads, but all PPC platforms are covered equally. They also feature the Periodic Tables of PPC which is an interesting feature aimed at explaining the different PPC features and processes.

5. WordStream

WordStream has a fantastic blog with well-structured articles that are easy to digest. This is a varied blog that is tech and SEO-related but has plenty of useful PPC articles. 

As opposed to generic articles, the PPC content is specific and directed at actionable things like understanding PPC management, PPC pricing, and writing standout PPC ad copy. I find the articles easy to follow too with a clear structure and plenty of relevant images.

How Readers Can Benefit

So why should you bother reading PPC blogs? Surely it isn’t that difficult and anyone can make a successful PPC campaign? In theory, yes, but in practice utilizing PPC successfully takes hard work and knowledge and PPC blogs can help with the knowledge part. Benefits include:

  • Keep up to date with PPC industry developments.
  • Learn new skills and tips for your business.
  • Get in touch with PPC specialists.
  • Understand how to reduce costs and improve PPC effectiveness.

Consider this, what worked last month with your PPC campaign may not necessarily yield success today. The digital marketing and PPC landscapes change often so by reading blogs you can keep afloat in the industry.

Even if you are not directly involved in PPC, it’s still a great idea to have a basic understanding of the process so you can give input and help if needed in your business.

Improve Your PPC Knowledge and Keep up With the Latest Trends

As the PPC industry is continually evolving it’s important to follow PPC blogs so that your knowledge stays current. This way you can make sure that your business is moving in the right direction and you can get the most out of your PPC campaigns.

PPC blogs also often give insight on other subjects such as SEO, online store creation, and digital marketing – they can be a trove of information.

Article by:

Joshua George is the founder of ClickSlice, an SEO Agency based in London, UK.

He has eight years of experience as an SEO Consultant and was recently hired by the UK government for SEO training. Joshua also owns the best-selling SEO course on Udemy, and has taught SEO to over 100,000 students.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, AgencyAnalytics, Wix and lots more other reputable publications.