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SEO Agency Manchester

We help Manchester-based businesses minimise their reliance on traditional marketing methods by improving their search engine rankings and increasing their website traffic through the power of organic SEO.

The #1 SEO Agency in Manchester

Since 2016, we’ve helped dozens of Manchester-based businesses rank high on Google and profit massively from their investment in SEO. From local contractors to global eCommerce brands, our bespoke SEO strategies have consistently delivered tangible results and have helped us build the reputation that we have today.

If you want your business’s SEO campaign to be in the hands of the leading SEO company in Manchester, we’d love to hear from you. Find a time and date that works for you and using the button below, schedule yourself in for a discovery call with our team.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Process

To ensure that every client’s SEO campaign is ROI positive, we follow our very own SEO framework, which we have refined over the last 6+ years. Though the exact process we follow may differ from business to business, it looks something like this:

Conduct a Thorough Site Audit

Before we do anything else on your website, our on-page SEO team will thoroughly audit your website and leave no stone unturned. Carrying out such a comprehensive audit is crucial as it’ll help us see where your business is currently at in terms of SEO, identify technical SEO errors, areas for improvement, and opportunities we can capitalise on.

Resolve All Technical SEO Errors

When your site’s technical SEO isn’t up to scratch, it can hold your website back from making any progress in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). That’s why our on-page SEO team will make notes of every technical SEO problem they come across during the audit, and will resolve it. Some of the most common technical SEO errors that we come across during audits include broken images and internal links, duplicate content, improper use of heading tags in content, and more.

Reduce Your Site's Loading Speed

If your website loads slowly, that can have a major impact on our SEO efforts and user experience. To ensure that your site’s loading speed won’t hold back the campaign, we’ll do everything we can to make your site load faster than ever before across all desktop and mobile devices. Reducing a site’s loading speed can be as simple as compressing large images, but it can also be quite tricky. Whatever the case might be – we’ll take care of it.

Conduct Keyword Research

One crucial step that most Manchester SEO agencies overlook is spending enough time conducting keyword research. Without having a list of the right keywords to target, making SEO an ROI-positive endeavour will be harder than it needs to be. That’s why our in-house keyword research team allocates quite a significant chunk of time purely on keyword research.

Optimise Existing Content

In many cases, SEO agencies get rid of existing content so it doesn’t hold the campaign back. At ClickSlice, we don’t like letting our client’s efforts so far go to waste. Instead, based on our findings during the keyword research process, we’ll optimise whatever existing content you have and make it work in our favour.

Write New Content

Once the existing content is optimised, our content strategists will start writing new, high-quality content that aligns with the SEO campaign perfectly. This new content will not only help potential customers learn more about your product or service, but it will also help them decide that you’re the right business to spend money with. Our content team will write two different types of new content for your campaign – for your website’s target pages and your blog.

Start Acquiring Links

Building a website that Google deems trustworthy goes far beyond having a functioning website and high-quality content. That’s why, as part of your campaign, we’ll actively acquire backlinks from websites within your industry that Google already trusts. That way, over time, Google will start to take notice, and it’ll favour your website for target keywords more than sites with smaller and lower-quality backlink profiles.

Report on Results

On the last day of each month, we will send your campaign’s monthly report directly to your inbox. Within the report, you’ll see all the key details that you need to be aware of. Some of them include your site’s growth in terms of traffic, how and which keywords are performing, our plan of action for the upcoming month, and a whole lot more.

Analyse & Improve

At ClickSlice, we like to squeeze every ounce of opportunity. That’s why, every month, we’ll get on an internal call and will analyse your campaign and SEO strategy in detail. And if we think that something could be done better, we’ll make sure that it happens. That’s how we help our clients stay on top and profit as much as they do from their investment in SEO with us.

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Here's What Our Existing Clients Think About Working With Us

We like to let our clients do the talking. Below, you can watch a handful of different videos from some of our clients, all of whom operate in entirely different industries.

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Meet Our Manchester SEO Experts

To the right, you can see every person who works on client campaigns here at ClickSlice. There are over a dozen of us and each team member specialises in a particular part of search engine optimisation.

From keyword researchers and link-building experts to content strategists and website developers, we have the best and brightest of the SEO industry working on every one of our client campaigns.

The good news is that if you do end up working with us, you’ll get to meet and have a chat with everyone who’ll be working on your campaign during the onboarding meeting. You can also find out more about each member on our About Us page.

Did We Mention That We Don't Lock Clients Into Contracts?

You read that right. Unlike most digital marketing agencies, we don’t lock our clients into lengthy contracts. What this means is that you can stop your SEO campaign with us at any moment – no questions asked.

Although this way of operating might be risky for us, we let the results we get for our clients do the talking and keep them wanting to work with us for longer. So far, it has worked out wonderfully, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re ready to kick things off with your SEO campaign without entering a lengthy contract, click the button below to book a discovery call.

FAQs About Our Manchester SEO Services

The truth is that any local or physical business can benefit from SEO in today’s digital world. With over 95% of the UK population using search engines such as Google to find an answer to their needs and problems, it’s a no-brainer for businesses in Manchester to start investing in SEO.

Whether you’re a dental practice specialising in dental implants, a butcher selling the finest quality fresh meat in the area, an up-and-coming fashion brand, or do something entirely different, you can benefit from SEO (when it’s done right).

The cost of digital marketing services (SEO) in Manchester varies quite a bit. And while we can’t speak for any other Manchester SEO agency, the cost of our services is directly proportional to the size and the deliverables of your campaign.

To give you an example of the cost of our Manchester SEO services, we work with businesses that invest anywhere from a few thousand pounds per month up to six figures per year. If you’d like to know how much it’ll cost your business to let us take care of your SEO for you, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to form a plan of action and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

The time it takes for a business to start seeing a return on investment from SEO really depends on the business and over a dozen other ranking factors (we’ll cover those in more detail in the next FAQ).

For instance, if you’re a butcher and sell fresh meat in Manchester, there won’t be a whole lot of competition from the area investing in local SEO. What this means is that it’ll be relatively straightforward to make your business rank high on the first page of Google for local butcher-related keywords.

On the flip side, if you’re a fashion brand that sells clothing on a national level, there will be far more competition to deal with, meaning it’ll likely take your business longer to start seeing an ROI from SEO.

That said, on average across most major industries, it takes business in Manchester around 10 months to break even and the ROI over 3 years, on average, is about 300%. In theory, this means that for every pound you invest in SEO, you’ll get £3 back.

There are hundreds of ranking factors that come into play when Google decides where to place your website compared to the competition. Some ranking factors, which carry the majority of the weight, include:

  • How competitive your target keywords are
  • The age of the domain that your site is hosted on
  • The size and quality of your site’s backlinks profile
  • The quality, quantity, and relevancy of the content on your site
  • How fast your site loads, the user experience it provides, and its mobile-friendliness

Despite the fact that there are many ranking factors that can affect the performance of your SEO campaign, the good news is that we’re in total control over the majority of them. And if we’re in control, we can use them to our advantage, and help your business climb up the search rankings on Google over time.

We’re huge on transparency. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that you’re in the loop about your SEO campaign at all times. We do this in three different ways, including a monthly report, quarterly calls, and a live dashboard.

You’ll receive your monthly report at the end of each month. It’ll outline all the relevant information that you need to be aware of, including the growth of impressions, clicks, and website traffic, how and which keywords are performing and more.

Each quarter, we’ll get on a campaign review call and we’ll walk you through what was achieved in the last three months in more detail. During this call, we’ll also outline our plan of action for the upcoming three months.

And lastly, we have the live dashboard. The dashboard will be unique to your campaign and only you will have access to it. The great thing about it is that you can access this dashboard at any time and see how your campaign is performing in real-time.

Truthfully, when you let us take care of your SEO campaign, you don’t need to lift a finger. This is because we have SEO specialists in every area of SEO who’ll handle absolutely everything for you. That said, we’re more than happy for you to actively participate and work on your campaign alongside us if you really want to.

At the end of the day, it is your business, and it’s entirely up to you whether you want to be involved in the process or if you’d prefer to outsource it entirely so you can focus on growing your business further.