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Evidence/Case Studies/Trinity Power

172% Conversion Rate Increase

Lawyers By Win Rate is a lawyer referral network that takes a data driven approach to matching legal leads to the right lawyer.

The Background

Trinity Power is a temporary power solutions company specialising in commercial and industrial generator rentals, along with ancillary equipment and servicing.
We were assigned to take over their well-established Google Ads account with a view to building on their success to date. As is most often the case, we were tasked with improving ROI as well as the volume of monthly leads generated.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

Such is the nature of Trinity Power’s business, many of the keywords we needed to target were highly technical, requiring extensive market research to ensure we had a sufficient understanding of the industry and were targeting or excluding very specific equipment specs etc.
Keywords were tagged according to the level of intent they represented, which were then used to influence bidding levels. Ad groups were organised according to equipment type as well as perceived rental intent vs research or purchase intent.
We generally added more granularity to the account’s structure, helping us be more targeted with keyword level bid setting, as well as location based bid adjustments. The former has become even more important in more recent years since Google has widened match type definitions.
Leads in their industry can represent seven-figure sums, so the competitive landscape is aggressive, with costs per click typically higher than most verticals. We closely monitored competitive metrics to ensure we at least maintained our visibility and average positioning during our cost efficiency initiatives; typically it was increased.

The Ads

The client already had a relatively sophisticated account in place, including ads that adhered to best practices. We used the existing ads as a foundation and ran continual A/B tests to gradually but consistently improve key performance metrics such as CTR, conversion rate and, ultimately, cost per conversion over time.
We broke the structure of the campaigns down further to allow us to more tightly pair keywords and searcher intent to ad copy and painstakingly applied highly relevant ad assets at the ad group level to thousands of ad groups.

The Results

“ClickSlice took our Google Ads marketing strategy to the next level. They’re professional, accountable, strong communicators and a pleasure to collaborate with.”
We were able to produce sustained conversion rate gains over consecutive years from 3.76% to 10.21% (172% increase). As the graph shows, this was achieved whilst simultaneously increasing the volume of leads. This is noteworthy as it’s typically easier to increase conversion rates by selecting fewer, higher converting campaigns, resulting in fewer leads.

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