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Evidence/Case Studies/FS Drainage

179.8% Conversion Rate Increase

FS Drainage is a fast growing drainage company covering London and surrounding areas. They specialise in drain unblocking, CCTV inspections and ancillary services.

The Background

FS Drainage is a fast growing drainage company covering London and surrounding areas. They specialise in drain unblocking, CCTV inspections and ancillary services.
We were already working with FS Drainage on their SEO efforts when they asked if we could supplement this by also managing their paid search account. As well as increasing lead flow and reducing the cost per lead, we were also tasked with reorganising their account towards a location-first structure. This allowed us to optimise the campaigns on a postcode by postcode basis to better cater to the client’s specific availability and coverage and for easier location based reporting.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

While the keywords being targeted were not especially technical, added complexity came from an importance to minimise instances of ads showing for DIY researchers, which required careful and comprehensive negative keywords lists.
Initially we opted for a manual CPC bidding strategy and once enough data had accumulated over time, we felt confident in utilising Google’s Target CPA automated bidding strategy, which resulted in significant conversion rate and CPA gains.
Two approaches were taken for geo targeting: location specific keywords and searcher location targeting. The former allowed searchers to search from anywhere but required the search term to stipulate a location, whereas the latter didn’t require a location in the search term and instead required the searcher to be searching from an IP address within the clients service coverage.

The Ads

Although the client already had ads running, we decided to create new ads from scratch to better adhere to best practices but also to enable us to take full advantage of the newly implemented campaign and ad group structuring.
Parameters were added to the ads’ URLs to dynamically match the location name in the landing page’s headlines to the searcher’s location. Having hyper localised ad copy and landing pages increased performance metrics across the board and differentiated FS Drainage from competing advertisers.
We made use of all relevant ad assets types at an ad group level and saw particularly good results from utilising image assets.

The Results

We were able to maintain consistent conversion rate gains over consecutive years
“from 8% to 22.4% (179.8% increase)”
The graph also shows how this was achieved with simultaneous gains in the volume of leads, which rose from 46 in Q2 ‘19 to 736 in Q4 ‘21, along with a 70.2% decrease in the cost per lead.
The combination of improvements in these three metrics is particularly noteworthy because allowing for a negative impact on any one of these metrics is typically the easiest route to improving the others. To have escaped this tendency is testament to how well we were able to optimise the campaigns.

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