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Evidance/Case Studies/Dr. Yaman

186% increase in organic clicks in 3 months

The Background

Dr. Resul Yaman, a renowned figure in aesthetic surgery, operates in Turkey, specializing in hair transplant procedures. With an established reputation in the medical field, Dr. Yaman’s clinic sought to elevate its online presence, targeting US clients seeking high-quality hair transplant services. This is where we came in and worked towards amplifying their digital footprint and attracting the target audience to their specialised services.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

Our strategy starts with extensive keyword research. Given the clinic’s specialisation, we focused on terms like “hair transplant clinic in Turkey”, “DHI hair transplant”, and various relevant keyword variations. Collaborating closely with Dr. Yaman’s team, we pinpointed the keywords that had the potential to generate more revenue but also aligned with their services and targeted clientele.

The Campaign


We started with a thorough SEO audit to identify technical flaws. This step was crucial to ensure a robust foundation for our SEO efforts.


Next, we addressed on-page elements. This included but is not limited to updating meta titles, descriptions, URLs, and fixing language variations. We also optimised the internal links structure and provided UX recommendations to enhance content placement and user experience.


Our content team, led by Petar, one of our experienced strategists, developed and implemented a comprehensive content plan. This included crafting authoritative and engaging content for the targeted pages based on extensive topic research and competitor analysis.


Based on our extensive experience, we already knew how important EEAT is in the medical-related field and thus we created Dr. Yaman’s author bio to enhance the site’s credibility. To further boost the credibility of Dr. Yaman’s services and authority in the industry, we have also ran a consistent backlink campaign, securing high-quality links each month.

The Results

The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Dr. Yaman’s clinic has seen a significant surge in organic clicks and impressions, 186% increase in clicks to be more precise and with over 4,000 keywords climbing up the rankings.
Notably, our primary keyword secured the top position, with numerous variations also appearing on the first page of Google. This progress was maintained even through four major Google algorithm updates between August 2023 and October 2023, including two core updates, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SEO strategy.
Here’s a snapshot of how they’re ranking for some of the agreed keywords. The green arrows under the “Google change” column indicate how much higher they are in Google since the campaign started. There are 10 results per page on Google, so they’ve gone for some of them from all the way from page 10, to the top of page 1!
The amazing thing is that this increase in rankings has led to a massive 186% increase in organic clicks and 173% increase in impressions.

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