What’s The Weather Like in Romford

Romford is a beautiful historic market town in the county of Essex. It’s a great place to learn more about London borough of Havering to which it belongs to and about the Essex way of life. Romford makes for a great day trip from the nearby London.

But you don’t want to go unprepared, especially if you are a tourist, and are unused to the English weather. You have probably heard a lot about the weather in London, where you always have to carry an umbrella no matter how sunny it is. But what is the weather in Romford, Essex?

What’s the weather like?

British weather is so dreary that is has become the butt of
endless jokes. Sometimes people even say that there’s only one season in United
Kingdom: rain. But while there’s some truth to the dreary weather jokes, the
thing about there being only one season is not entirely true. Let’s take a
closer look at each season in Romford…

Winter. Your impression of the British winter will depend on where you yourself are from. For example, a Southern Italian might find it quite cold, meanwhile a Swede would probably find it laughable. With temperatures rarely falling below zero, winters in Romford are pretty mild, although locals would probably not agree with that definition! Snowy days aren’t that common, and heavy snowfall and blizzards are really rare, and usually lead to some disruptions in the public
life. Really, though, there’s more rain than snow. So if you are going to Romford in winter, dress warmly, but also take your umbrella!

Spring. Spring in Romford starts really early, and in the beginning of February you can already feel it in the air, with the temperatures rising and the days getting longer. Rainfall is very common in spring, but there are also plenty of clear, sunny days. Going to Romford in spring? Put on a reliable jacket that would protect you from the rain, but otherwise, dress lightly. And yes, take your umbrella!

Summer. Summer in Romford is really pleasant. There’s more sun and less rain than during any
other season. The temperature during the day rarely falls below 20 degrees Celcius and rarely rises above 30 degrees Celcius. If not for the rain, which remains relatively common, it would be the absolute perfect summer weather! So, same as in spring, dress lightly, but take a jacket and an umbrella just in case.

Autumn. Remember that thing about British weather being dreary? Well, if you are going to
Romford in autumn, it’s very likely that you’ll experience some of it. That is the time of the year when days are getting colder and darker and when the rain is becoming more and more common. This cold and rainy weather can be really unpleasant, especially if you are not used to it. So dress warmly, have a reliable jacket, and take an umbrella. You will probably need it!


As you can see, at least some of what people say about the British weather is true, as you are always better off having an umbrella in your bag! For companies looking to get higher in google then please check out our SEO Romford services. We provide top rankings to ensure you generate leads.

However, it’s not always dreary, and there are definitely distinct seasons. Although it rains often, Romford also has plenty of clear, sunny days. It all depends on when you decide to go!