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SEO For Wix Websites

Our Wix SEO experts apply specialist techniques tailored for Wix websites

SEO for Wix Websites Makes Your Site Stand Out from the Crowd

The drag-and-drop website builder Wix is a popular choice for creating professional websites easily. Using their intuitive interface, anyone can build a great-looking website without needing a degree in computer programming, or even an eye for design, thanks to the huge array of available templates.

So you’ve created a Wix website and it looks stunning, now how do you get the traffic you need to actually sell your products or services? Luckily, Wix is a great starting point for your SEO endeavours but there are also many pitfalls the average website builder may be unaware of. Simply creating a Wix website doesn’t automatically mean it’s ready to rank well in the search engines. Wix and SEO are certainly a good combination, but not without some expertise to ensure your site is set up perfectly, to take advantage of the Wix website SEO capabilities.

Looking for Help with Your Wix Website SEO?

Our Wix SEO experts are on hand to analyse, adapt and configure your Wix website to ensure it’s fully optimised and will soar up the search engine rankings, surpassing the competition. There are many Wix websites out there, but perhaps surprisingly, a large number of them have not been developed specifically with SEO in mind. Without good SEO, your site simply falls under the radar. Add in our SEO for Wix services, and you’re all set to massively boost your website traffic.

Our Detailed Checklist for Wix SEO

Complete SEO Audit

We will conduct a comprehensive Wix website audit that includes going through the content and backlink profile.

Technical Wix SEO

We'll go over your website to look for SEO issues such as duplicate titles, missing ALT tags, 404 errors, and other technical on-page SEO aspects.

Wix Website Speed Optimisation

We'll make sure your website provides a great user experience while also achieving high core web vital scores in Google Search Console.

Customised Wix SEO Strategy

Using our comprehensive keyword research tools and industry knowledge, we will compile a list of highly-searched keywords based on search volume.

Page Optimisation for Products or Services

Individual product or service page keywords may have smaller search numbers but significantly higher conversion rates. We will ensure that you are visible when customers search for those particular keywords.

Content Strategy

We will make necessary recommendations for the content on your website to make it more valuable and SEO-optimised.

Creating Internal Links

We'll create high-quality content that people want to link to, resulting in a successful link-building campaign with natural backlinks.

Optimisation of Blog Pages

As blog pages are a significant source of organic traffic for businesses online, we will optimise them for SEO purposes.

Monthly Progress Reports

Each month, we will provide you with a detailed progress report for all the targeted keywords along with the action points.

Choose Experienced Wix SEO Experts who get Results – Guaranteed

Our talented team includes several Wix website specialists, waiting to apply their advanced SEO skills to your Wix website. We believe that Wix website SEO is a unique skill, and so we use nuanced techniques based on our extensive knowledge, rather than simply applying generic SEO tactics. In this way, we get results and we get them quickly.

We are so confident in our ability to successfully promote your Wix website, that when you hire ClickSlice for your Wix website SEO, we offer you a guarantee of success, and a guarantee of great results within just 90 days – or your money back!

Our track record stands as a testament to our abilities. With a 91x customer retention rate, and a massive 15x average ROI for our clients, you can rest assured that all your SEO needs and expectations will be met, and then exceeded, when you choose award-winning Wix SEO experts ClickSlice.


ClickSlice was born out of a frustration with SEO agencies that under delivered. Incorrect KPIs, confusing reports, and ultimately, wasted money. ClickSlice was built to be different, with a focus on ROI, and a bespoke service for every customer. Our team is passionate about SEO, and we spend a great deal of time understanding technologies such as Wix in great depth, so we can put our skills to best use within these frameworks. When you choose ClickSlice, you’re choosing a truly personalised service from dedicated professionals.
Absolutely! As with any website, our team can work with your Wix website to ensure it is built in a way to maximise your Google rankings. We’re highly experienced in tailored SEO for Wix and so we know what works and what doesn’t and the intricacies of the Wix platform. When it comes to search engine listings, Wix sites are as likely to rank highly as any other web pages, it’s all down to some good SEO.
Totally, every client relationship is built on trust and understanding, so our first step with any business is what we term our Discovery Call. During this call we’ll learn about you and your business, discuss your needs and goals, and we’ll both see if we’re a good fit for a partnership to grow your business. You’re under absolutely no obligation, and you’re free to ask any questions you may have regarding Wix SEO. We feel confident you’ll want to work with us, but if you don’t that’s no problem, and we hope you’ll find the call beneficial.