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SEO For Solicitors

Serious growth with SEO for Solicitors

Your Legal Services Deserve To Be Seen - SEO For Solicitors

Did you know that over 90% of Google searches never go beyond the first page?

Having an amazing website with an impressive portfolio attracts leads and increased conversions. It’s only possible when you are visible on a potential customer’s search results for solicitors in their region.

Search Engine Optimization involves improvements to a website. By optimizing for specific keywords and improving functionality and design, websites rank higher on a Google search results page. These improvements can help gain local and global reach and boost the number of inquiries.

ClickSlice specialises in SEO for solicitors and offers a concise strategy for our SEO campaigns. We conduct in-depth research to find the keywords your potential clients use to search for a solicitor in your region.

Your trust is of great value to us. With ClickSlice, rest assured that you’ll receive regular updates on the results of your SEO for solicitors.

Solicitors take their work seriously. When you choose our SEO professionals, you are choosing passionate individuals like yourself. They won’t stop until your website is at the top of Google search results.

SEO for Solicitors - Services to Boost Your Organic Leads

Have you ever considered attending a trial without knowing the facts of the case? The end result would not be a favourable one. The same is true when you add new pages to your website without first conducting proper keyword research.

Your SEO campaign will fail if your website isn’t optimised for relevant keywords. It’s critical to have a solid action plan to find the right keywords and supplement them with technical SEO for solicitors.

ClickSlice is the difference between businesses struggling to survive and those topping the search results. We make SEO work for you and help your legal firm achieve long-term internet success. Collaborate with us to create a robust strategy. ClickSlice creates SEO for solicitors and guarantees long-term ranking improvements.

Our SEO Checklist For Solicitors

Performing Competitor Analysis

We conduct a competitive analysis to determine how you compare to your top competitors and develop an actionable sales-driving strategy.

Local SEO Services for Solicitors

We locate, audit, and recommend ways to improve citations in local directories and boost your visibility in your region.

Technical SEO

We will audit your website for common optimisation issues like missing ALT tags, duplicate titles, 404 errors, and other similar SEO aspects that demand change.

Custom SEO For Solicitors

We use a slew of custom approaches, from developing a list of high-density keywords to using industry knowledge for setting out your efforts

Tweaking Ongoing Campaigns

Your website might be undergoing an SEO campaign, but what if it could just get any better? Yes, we tweak your existing campaigns for optimal performance.

Developing Internal Links

We'll generate high-quality content that other businesses would want to connect to, leading to a successful link-building campaign and increasing your DA.

SEO Reporting

We’ll provide you with easy to understand reports and transparent revenue attribution to give you detailed information on your monthly progress.

Optimal User Experience

A clean, interactive UX is the key to drawing customers to your website. We take all the necessary measures to ensure a subtle, better user experience.

Optimised Web Content & Code

We edit and optimise your website's existing pages for improved search visibility and alignment with the best SEO practices.

Most Trusted SEO Agency For Solicitors In the UK

ClickSlice is the most trusted SEO agency for solicitors in the UK that focuses on yielding returns out of our client’s investments in SEO. As business owners, we, too, understand that at the end of the day, it’s the bottom line that matters most.

Our SEO for solicitors is like no other; we have our methods down to a science, and every decision made is based on real-life data, not by some “SEO expert” making it up as they go along.

Our SEO experts will take the time to understand everything there is to know about your products, target customers, business goals, and make sure that your website is visible every time a customer searches for your product.

We are an award-winning SEO services agency in London, with a customer retention rate of 91% and a 15x ROI, making us the first choice among solicitors in London.


Yes, a solicitor’s website must be optimised for SEO because most legal businesses serve customers in their city, country, or state and compete with local firms. Compared to nationwide targeting, local SEO allows law firms to target clients within a specific geographical area and improve rankings in local searches.

Our reports will give you information about traffic growth, goal completions, website health, and more. In addition, our comprehensive reporting system gives you an idea of how your SEO campaigns are progressing and the performance of all the keywords that we are using to rank your website!

Our services do not have a set cost structure. It is dependent on the scope of work and the methods we choose for your SEO campaigns. Since the tactics vary for every firm, you can expect the charges to range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on operations.