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Medical SEO Services

Increase patient numbers and grow your practice with a medical SEO strategy from ClickSlice

ClickSlice Medical SEO: An Organic Way To Grow Your Medical Practice

With an increasing number of patients going online to find a medical practitioner, it’s never been more important to appear at the top of the Google search results every time someone looks for treatments you offer. As search engines rely on user experiences, a website that offers valuable information to patients often gets more traffic and clicks, in turn, more conversions.

In fact, 80% of patients use a search engine to find a medical practitioner, and a huge 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Is your medical practice SEO strategy enough to ensure that your patients can find you when they search for you?

SEO can help you improve the positioning of your websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Medical SEO can help your patients easily find your website whenever they enter a search query like “medical practitioner in London.” Imagine the impact that could have on your bottom line!

Medical SEO Services To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

When a person does a desktop or mobile search on Google, Google uses algorithms to determine the pieces of content to display based on the keywords entered into the search box. However, medical SEO takes into account not only keywords but also online reviews, content quality, listings, and backlinks.

Whether looking for SEO for doctors, or SEO for medical practices, medical SEO is specific to your industry. Local SEO for medical practices is crucial because most of your business comes from your immediate surroundings. Without incorporating local SEO into your overall medical practice SEO strategy, you may miss out on your local patients online.

Our SEO for medical websites begins with in-depth, page-by-page optimisation of your title tags and H tags to ensure they are correctly structured and leveraging the correct geographical identifiers to rank you in local searches.

Case Studies

This is where we came in and worked towards amplifying their digital footprint and attracting the target audience to their specialised services.

Our Detailed Checklist For Medical SEO

Complete SEO Audit

We will conduct a comprehensive website audit that includes going through the content and backlink profile.

Technical SEO

We'll go over your website to look for SEO issues like duplicate titles, missing ALT tags, 404 errors, and other technical on-page SEO aspects.

Website Speed Optimisation

We'll make sure your website provides a great user experience while also achieving high core web vital scores in Google Search Console.

Customised Healthcare SEO Strategy

Using our comprehensive keyword research tools and industry knowledge, we will compile a list of highly-searched keywords based on search volume.

Page Optimisation for Services

Specific service or procedure keywords may have smaller search numbers but significantly higher conversion rates. We will ensure that you are visible when customers search for the services keywords.

Content Strategy

We will make necessary recommendations for the content on your website to make it more valuable and SEO optimised.

Creating Internal Links

We'll create high-quality content that people want to link to, resulting in a successful link-building campaign with natural backlinks.

Optimization of Blog Pages

As blog pages are a significant source of organic traffic for Healthcare websites, we will optimise them for SEO purposes.

Monthly Progress Reports

Each month, we will provide you with a detailed progress report for all the targeted keywords along with the action points.

#1 SEO for Medical Practices Service in the UK

Work with London’s reigning leaders of SEO for medical practices: ClickSlice.

With our team of medical SEO experts, we focus on getting results for clients, driving organic traffic and making data-informed decisions to deliver superb ROI. With our local SEO for medical practices formula, we perform comprehensive keyword and competitor research to identify market opportunities that your practice can exploit. Then, we position your website for success, helping you optimise, create content and resolve performance issues. Finally, we stay with you for the long term, helping your practice create an SEO doctor strategy that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Our signature approach to providing SEO services for doctors and medical practices hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’re an award-winning SEO services agency in the UK, with a customer retention rate of 91% and bringing an average 15x ROI to our clients. Plus, we are organically number one on a Google search – the most accurate test of a London medical SEO expert!


When performing a Google search, more than half of patients type questions or long-tail keywords of up to four words, such as “paediatric cardiologist in London.” So, keeping your SEO keywords optimisation varied and fresh is critical.

Relevant and up-to-date articles, blog posts, journal articles, and videos will help you attract more organic clients and earn valuable clicks. ClickSlice provides the medical SEO content required to advance your online exposure and attract the right patients to your services.

Local SEO, as opposed to nationwide targeting, enables doctors to target patients within a specific geographical area and improve their rankings in local searches. Hence, it’s best to have a local SEO for healthcare professionals.