SEO For Landscapers
Grow Your Landscaping Business

Did you know? The landscaping services industry has grown faster than the UK economy over the last five years. With an increasing number of landscapers trying to tap the growing opportunities, what’s your strategy to stand out?

Boost Your Landscaping Websites Visibility in Google

As 46% of all Google searches are initiated by people looking for local information, it’s critical to establish your landscaping company as an industry leader. This can be accomplished through well-targeted SEO campaigns to boost your online presence.

When a person searches for the “best landscaping company in the UK,” you must appear at the top of search engines to attract the maximum number of inquiries. This way, you won’t miss out on potential clients despite having a great team of landscapers who are eager to work hard.

At ClickSlice, our SEO campaigns focus on optimising your content and other website elements for better rankings and brand visibility. By increasing the number of organic leads and saving you thousands of dollars on costly paid campaigns, we will boost your earnings with our well-directed efforts.

SEO Services to Help You Dominate the Landscaping Industry

At ClickSlice, we start by analysing your organic exposure, current keyword rankings, and search engine marketing goals. We’ll then examine the top-ranked websites in your industry and analyse over 100 data points to find out what’s working for them.

Once we have done an in-depth study of their SEO models, we’ll emulate them to bring your website to the top of the Google search results. Instead of using age-old SEO techniques, we have found this “reverse engineering” model much more effective as it has yielded consistent results for our clients

We truly believe in being completely transparent with our clients and will provide you with the monthly progress reports and the results we’ve generated through our SEO campaign.

SEO Marketing Checklist For Landscapers

Performing Competitor Analysis

We conduct a competitor analysis to understand how you stack up against the top ranking websites in the landscaping industry and the ways we can outsmart them.

Local SEO

By improving the relevance of your web pages for local keywords, we will push search engines to rank you above your competitors in the local searches.

Optimised Web Content

We optimise and modify existing pages on your website to improve search engine visibility.

Technical SEO

We will audit your website for common optimisation issues like missing ALT tags, duplicate titles, 404 errors, and other similar SEO aspects that demand change.

Modifying Ongoing Campaigns

Your website might be undergoing an SEO campaign, but what if it could just get better? We will analyse and modify your existing campaigns for optimal performance.

Developing Internal Links

We'll generate high-quality content that other businesses want to connect to, leading to a successful link-building campaign and increasing your domain authority.

Custom SEO For Landscapers

We employ various customised approaches, from developing a list of high volume keywords to utilising industry knowledge to plan out your SEO campaigns.

Optimal User Experience

A clean, interactive UX is the key to drawing customers to your website. We take all the necessary measures to ensure a subtle, better user experience.

SEO Reporting

We will send you a detailed progress report with action points for all the targeted keywords each month.

#1 SEO Agency For Landscapers

ClickSlice is the most trusted Landscaper SEO agency in the UK that focuses on maximising client returns.

Our landscaping SEO process is unparalleled; we have our methods down to a science, and every decision is based on real-world data, not on some "SEO expert" making it up as they go along.

We are an award-winning SEO services agency in London, with a customer retention rate of 91% and a 15x ROI, making us the first choice for all kinds of landscaping companies in the UK.

Our SEO experts will take the time to understand everything there is to know about your services, target customers, business goals, to make sure that your website is visible every time a customer searches for landscaping services.

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Landscaping is a traditional business that has been around for a long time. While word-of-mouth marketing initially benefited landscaping businesses, the recent increase in competition has only shifted businesses online. This is where SEO for landscapers can help you claim their share of the local market by having their services appear at the top of search engine result pages.

If your landscaping company fails to appear on the first page of Google, you are actually invisible and losing out on all the potential clients to your competitors. Our landscaping SEO services can help you attract a significantly higher number of enquiries as soon as you start moving up on the search engines.

Unlike other SEO agencies, we are willing to put our reputation on the line and give you a time frame to demonstrate that we have what it takes to improve your SEO presence. We will issue a full refund if your ranking positions do not improve within 90 days.