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How many electricians can you find in your local area when you search Google? There are lots, right? You’re doing what any customer is going to do when they need your services and looking online, but is your website coming up at the top of those search results? Is it your number they’re going to ring first? If not, you’re losing out on work and your competitors are taking those jobs. When it comes to hiring an electrician, people are often in a hurry. Something in their home is faulty and they need it repaired, or they need an appliance installed. They have no reason to search through pages of listings, and so in reality, they’ll usually pick one of the first search engine results they see. From this, it’s clear how vital electrician SEO really is, and our expertise lies in getting your business to the top of those results, so it’s your number they call when they need your services.
Research shows that when a client has had a great experience with an electrician, they are far more likely to call them the next time they need electrical services than start their search all over again, so you can see just how important, and potentially how difficult, getting those valuable new customers can be.

Local SEO for Electrical Contractors Requires a Unique Approach

Our specialist electrician SEO services are based on the fact that most electricians prefer to work within a particular area. Of course if you are a larger company taking on work on a national, or even global basis, we’re still very happy to help you, and will tailor your SEO campaigns accordingly. But for the local electrician, SEO campaigns, and the preceding groundwork, will all be put in place with your location in mind, so when potential customers are looking for electricians in your town or city, your name will rise to the top of the list.

Our approach takes many angles. We don’t believe there is one simple solution to get your site to the top of the search engine rankings. It’s our years of experience, our expertise and our fascination with all aspects of SEO that gives us the knowledge we need to get your business the results you need to meet your goals.

We take care of your SEO needs and we get results fast. After an initial call to discuss the goals for your electrician SEO, we perform a full analysis of your website to discover any weak points and any areas that could be improved to boost your SEO performance. We’ll check the speed of your website, and go behind the scenes to make sure you’re not making any mistakes within the coding of your site that could be jeopardising your search results.

Our Detailed Checklist for Electrician SEO

Complete SEO Audit

We will conduct a comprehensive website audit that includes analysing the content and backlink profile.

Technical SEO

We'll check your website for any SEO issues such as duplicate titles, missing ALT tags, 404 errors, and other technical on-page SEO problems.

Website Speed Optimisation

We'll ensure your electrician website provides a user-friendly experience while also achieving high core web vital scores in Google Search Console.

Customised Electrician SEO Strategy

Using our comprehensive keyword research tools and industry knowledge, we will compile a list of highly-searched keywords based on search volume, specific to your trade.

Page Optimisation for Services

Specific service keywords may have smaller search numbers but significantly higher conversion rates. We will ensure that you are visible when potential clients search for those particular keywords.

Content Strategy

We will make necessary recommendations for the content on your electrician website to make it more valuable and SEO-optimised.

Creating Internal Links

We'll create high-quality content that people want to link to, resulting in a successful link-building campaign with natural backlinks.

Optimisation of Blog Pages

As blog pages are a substantial source of organic traffic for electrician websites, we will optimise them for SEO purposes.

Monthly Progress Reports

Each month, we will provide you with a detailed progress report for all the targeted keywords along with the action points.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Award-Winning SEO for Electrical Contractors

If getting more jobs, and beating your competitors to those big contracts is important to you, then we’d love to have you on board. Here at ClickSlice we live and breathe SEO and we have highly trained specialists ready to get your electrical business high up in those search engine rankings. We’ll ensure that your business ranks well for keywords that have been carefully chosen to reflect the type of work you do and your location. Great results come not from putting your name out there randomly in bulk, but from fine-tuning our target audience and aiming for the greatest exposure to those people who are actually potential customers. Getting to the top of the search results for ten people in your local town who need an electrician to rewire their home is far more important than hitting that top spot for a hundred people in Canada looking to buy an electric heater! It is this attention to detail and bespoke service that makes our SEO for electricians so successful.


Yes, there are several factors regarding your website that can have an impact on your SEO results. We will analyse your website, we’ll check for errors, and let you know where we can make some positive changes. In addition, if you have some helpful content to add, such as a regular blog feature, that can also help to raise your profile and boost your SEO results.
We are confident that our SEO for electricians will get fast results. Once you give us the go-ahead to begin our process of analysis, our team will work fast to get you some great results as soon as we possibly can. We’re sure you will notice a difference in enquiries very quickly. However, for your peace of mind, we also offer a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that we should fail to get results within 90 days.
The key question is ‘Does that site traffic turn into enough real work?’ If the answer is no, then you can certainly benefit from our local SEO for electricians. The important aspect here, is that you’re getting site visitors, but are they actually looking for your services? With our efforts, your website will receive targeted, quality traffic, not just high-volume traffic. For example, we will ensure your SEO campaigns are aimed at your local area and not worldwide. Our aim is to get you a great ROI not simply a lot of useless web traffic. Sometimes, less definitely is more!