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SEO For Charities

Expand your charitable organisation with SEO for charities from ClickSlice

Our SEO Charity Formula: Increase Your Online Presence

Stand out from the crowd, increase donations and volunteers and raise awareness to champion your charitable cause, all with an SEO charity strategy by ClickSlice.

The success of any non-profit project depends highly on the contributions received and the volunteers associated with the cause. This depends on online visibility. To ensure that people willing to volunteer or donate find your charity on the internet, your website must be visible every time a person begins a search-engine query for the projects you are involved in.

In today’s digital era, web SEO for non-profits can prove revolutionary. A massive 67.6% of all clicks on Google go to just the first five organic results. Making sure your charity is there will help you increase donations, volunteers and awareness and leave a lasting impact.

SEO for charities requires knowledge, expertise, and a well-thought process to get the right results. ClickSlice is the UK’s most trusted SEO company for charities, helping organisations like yours make a huge difference. Ready to get started with an SEO campaign?

SEO For Charities: Drive Donors To Your Website

Making your website visible to the donors is the only way to connect with them digitally. But how do you do that? By harnessing the power of SEO! Search Engine Optimisation ensures that your donors find your website online and get to know about your cause.

Our SEO techniques include keyword research, content optimisation, design changes, and creating a robust backlink profile to improve your search engine rankings and engage prospective donors on your website. Working with ClickSlice is a guaranteed way to see SEO results for charities like yours. If you are still waiting to see results within six months, we’ll give you a full refund!

SEO Marketing Checklist For Charities

Technical SEO

Our SEO experts perform technical SEO audits to ensure that your website meets the technical requirements of search engines. As a result, it becomes easy for Google to crawl, index, and render your website pages.

Keyword Research

For a robust content marketing strategy, our SEO non-profit experts use the right keyword to answer the searcher's query and build credibility.

Link Building

The more backlinks your website earns, the more Google finds your content trustworthy. For this reason, we focus on creating quality content that gains quality backlinks to generate leads.

Website SEO Audit

ClickSlice experts focus on SEO auditing to analyse which area of your website is negatively impacting the overall ranking of your website.

Website Design

Not only do we focus on generating traffic, but we also ensure that your site visitors turn to potential donors with an interactive web design.

Optimise Page Speed

At ClickSlice, we focus on improving the page speed of your website to gain leads. Users often press the back button if they feel the site takes too long to load. As a result, it leads to a high bounce rate and low rankings.

Local SEO Strategy

We will boost your local reach by listing your business in local directories and creating Google My Business Listing. This allows your non-profit organisation to target the right audience, thereby improving the conversion rate.

Content Marketing Strategy

At ClickSlice, we take pride in helping our clients create a well-thought content marketing strategy and publish content that meets the searcher's Intent. The more relevant, informative and authoritative your content is, the higher the chances of gaining donors.

Monthly SEO Reporting

We offer detailed SEO reporting that helps you understand the performance of your SEO campaign.

#1 SEO Agency For Charities In the UK

Work with London’s reigning leaders of SEO for charities: ClickSlice.

With our team of charity SEO experts, we focus on getting results for clients, driving organic traffic and making data-informed decisions to deliver superb ROI. With our local SEO for charity formula, we perform comprehensive keyword and competitor research to identify market opportunities that your charity can exploit. Then, we position your website for success, helping you optimise, create content and resolve performance issues. Finally, we stay with you for the long term, helping your practice create an SEO for charity strategy that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Our signature approach to providing SEO services for charities hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’re an award-winning SEO services agency in the UK, with a customer retention rate of 91% and bringing an average 15x ROI to our clients. Plus, we are organically number one on a Google search – the most accurate test of a London charity SEO expert!


SEO is vital for non-profit organisations to boost their online visibility and attract a greater number of enquiries. It helps charities like yours raise awareness about a cause and promote it to their target audience. As a result, charities improve the chances of getting more donors and volunteers through their websites.

Yes, we have a team of creative website designers who can optimise and revamp your website to make it responsive and user-friendly.

With over seven years of experience in SEO, we have the skills to help charity firms spread a message about their cause by boosting their presence on search engines. We use proven charity SEO techniques to help you make your website appear in the top three search results on Google.