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We help Birmingham-based businesses rank high on Google and increase their organic traffic (and revenue) through the power of SEO.

We're the #1 SEO Agency in Birmingham

Thanks to our team’s expertise and result-driven approach, over the last 6+ years, we’ve managed to help a handful of businesses in Birmingham climb to the top of the Google SERPs and increase their bottom line. And as a by-product of that, we’ve obtained quite the reputation, which we’re all immensely proud of.

If you’d like us to audit your website completely for free, and show you what we can do for your Birmingham-based business in terms of SEO, let’s have a chat at a time that suits you. All you need to do is book a discovery call using the button below.

Dominating the Google SERPs, One Month at a Time

Once our team starts working on your SEO campaign, over the coming months, you will start to see a steady and consistent rise in organic search traffic from Google. This new traffic will turn into leads, and those leads will turn into revenue, increasing your bottom line.

What’s more is that during this whole process, you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll handle absolutely everything for you. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure you provide the neverending influx of new customers the best experience possible.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can make that happen for your business, let’s have a chat. Click on the button below and schedule a discovery call for a time that best suits you.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Process

We don’t get our clients the results that we do by chance. We strictly follow our tried and tested search engine optimisation framework that we’ve been carefully refining over the last 6+ years. It looks something like this:

Carry Out a Website Audit

Prior to implementing your SEO strategy, our on-page SEO team will carry out a comprehensive audit of your entire website. During the audit, they’ll not only gain a better understanding of your website’s current SEO standing, but they’ll also identify areas for improvement and technical SEO errors that need to be resolved.

Resolve Technical SEO Errors

Following the website audit, our on-page SEO experts will resolve every technical SEO error that they’ve come across, which has been holding your website back all this time. Some of the most common SEO errors that we come across during website audits include the improper use of header tags, broken internal links, duplicate, thin, or low-quality content, and more.

Optimise Site Loading Speed

The time it takes for your website to load is crucial, not only for user experience but for SEO too. According to data, a delay of just a second extra will decrease customer satisfaction by 16%, conversion rates by 7%, and page views by 11%. To give your website the best chance of ranking high on Google and converting organic traffic, we’ll make sure that your site loads as fast as possible across all devices.

Conduct Keyword Research

To succeed in SEO and see an increase in your search engine rankings, you have to target the correct keywords. This applies to all SEO campaigns, regardless of whether they target an international, national, or local audience. As part of your campaign, our keyword research specialists will ensure that we are targeting the best and most relevant keywords to your goals and business.

Optimise Existing Content

Once the keyword research is concluded, our content strategists will optimise your existing content so that it perfectly aligns with the overall SEO strategy. This will help propel your SEO campaign in the right direction and allow us to get some quick “wins” early on.

Write New Content

Besides your existing content, our on-page SEO experts will brief our content strategists on any new content that needs to be written for your blog and target pages. This new content will not only better inform potential customers about the product or service you’re selling but will also help your website’s organic search visibility and help it rank higher on Google.

Acquire Backlinks

A crucial component of every SEO campaign is acquiring high-quality, relevant links from other authoritative sites in your industry. That way, over time, your website will appear more trustworthy in the eyes of Google, and that added layer of authenticity will help your site rank higher for your target keywords over time.

Report on Progress

On the last day of each month, we will send a detailed report of your campaign straight to your inbox. It will cover what was achieved during the last 30 days and what the plan of action is for the upcoming month. In the report, you’ll find details about how specific keywords are performing in the SERPs, how much your organic traffic, clicks, and impressions have grown, and more.

Analyse Results & Adjust Strategy

The search engine optimization landscape is an ever-changing one. And to ensure that we get your business the best possible results month after month, we’ll regularly revisit your SEO campaign and make all the necessary adjustments.

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What Our Clients Think About Working With ClickSlice

Don’t take our word for it. Below, you can watch video testimonials from a handful of our clients and hear more about the quality of our service and their overall experience working with us.

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Meet Our Birmingham SEO Experts

ClickSlice is composed of just over a dozen SEO experts, each one of which specialises in a specific area of SEO. From keyword researchers, link-builders, and on-page SEO experts to website developers and content strategists, we have the best and brightest in the industry working on each and every one of our client’s SEO campaigns.

Having worked together for several years now, our tight-knit in-house SEO team is easily one of the best not just in Birmingham, but in the UK. So, if you want your SEO campaign handled by a competent, talented, and hard-working team of experts, let’s have a chat.

Did We Mention We Don't Lock Our Clients in Lengthy Contracts?

Although it’s a standard practice for the average digital marketing agency to lock in their clients into lengthy contracts, we don’t believe that’s the right way to ensure clients stick around for as long as possible. Instead, we believe that you should only stay with us for as long as we get you the results that you’re paying us for.

In other words, once we onboard your business, it is up to us and the results we can get you to keep you around. And the second you no longer feel like you’re getting the value or the results you’re paying for, you can leave – no questions asked. If you want to find out more about our Birmingham SEO services and what we can do for you, click the button below and schedule a discovery call.

FAQs About Our SEO Services in Birmingham

If you want to stop relying on foot traffic and word of mouth to keep your business running, you should definitely consider investing in local SEO. Think about it – whether you run a dental practice, a private taxi company, or sell fresh meat, there are people in Birmingham right this moment searching for the exact product or service you’re offering.

And all we have to do to help you get more business is put your right in front of them when they need you most. The truth is that your potential customers use Google to find a solution to their problem, and they’ll spend their money with someone – so it might as well be you rather than your competition.

While we can’t speak for other SEO agencies in and around the Birmingham area, at ClickSlice, our SEO services mainly focus on Google. The reason for that is because Google is by far the biggest search engine and that’s where the large majority of your organic traffic will be coming from.

That said, as a byproduct of our on and off-page SEO efforts, it is likely that your business will also start to rank for your target keywords on Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

We can’t know for sure (as there are far too many ranking factors that come into play), but the average business that we work on starts to see an uplift in rankings and traffic within the first few months of working with us. To give you a better and more accurate answer, here is how quickly businesses across different industries break even after starting their investment in SEO and the ROI they get on average over time.

  • Construction companies break even in 5 months and get an overall average ROI of 681%
  • eCommerce companies break even in 16 months and get an overall average ROI of 317%
  • Legal service companies break even in 14 months and get an overall average ROI of 526%
  • Manufacturing companies break even in 9 months and get an overall average ROI of 813%
  • Solar energy companies break even in 9 months and get an overall average ROI of 770%
  • Real estate companies break even in 10 months and get an overall average ROI of 1,101%
  • Financial service companies break even in 9 months and get an overall average ROI of 1,031%
  • Commercial insurance companies break even in 9 months and get an overall average ROI of 758%

If there is one thing that you should know about SEO, it’s that the results compound. What this means is that the beginning will be slow, but over the next 6-18 months, you’ll start to see just how crucial SEO is for your business. Only then will you start to wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

There are hundreds of factors that will collectively play a role in how quickly or slowly your website starts to rank on the search engine results pages of Google. Some of the biggest factors include:

  • How competitive the keywords that you want to target are
  • The quality and the size of your website’s backlinks profile
  • The age and authority of the domain your website is hosted on
  • The quality, quantity, and relevancy of the existing content on your site
  • Your website’s loading speed & mobile friendliness

The great thing about working with a competent Birmingham SEO agency such as ClickSlice is that we can help you stay in full control of the majority of ranking factors. And if we’re in control of the majority of the ranking factors, results are imminent.

At ClickSlice, we’re huge on transparency. We believe that you should be aware of everything that is going on with your SEO campaign. And that’s why we offer each and every one of our clients three touchpoints when it comes to reporting.

The first touchpoint is your monthly campaign report. You will receive this report at the end of each month. Inside, you’ll find everything that was achieved over the last 30 days and our plan of action for the coming month.

The second touchpoint is our quarterly review calls. From the moment your SEO campaign kicks off with us, we’ll get on a call every three months to discuss the progress of your campaign and our plan of action moving forward in more detail. This is also the time when you can decide, based on the results we’ve gotten you over the last 3 months if you want to increase your budget and invest more heavily in SEO.

And our last touchpoint is your very own live dashboard. You can access this dashboard 24/7, and on there, you can see the progress of your SEO campaign since we first started working on it, in real-time.

For over half a decade, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a handful of different businesses in and around the Birmingham area. And as a result, over the years, we’ve come to understand the issues the average Birmingham business faces in today’s digital landscape.

But instead of telling you how good we are at SEO, we prefer to lead by example. Think about why you’re on this page, reading this piece of text right now. It’s because you went on Google, searched for an SEO agency in Birmingham, and came across our website.

The reason why you should choose ClickSlice over any other SEO company is because we can do the same for you. So, next time your potential customers are searching for the product or service your business has to offer, you’ll be right there, on top of the first page of Google.

And the best thing is that we can do this regardless of the type of business you run. Whether you’re a local butcher, an online clothing retailer, or a boutique travel agency – we can help you rank higher on Google and increase your bottom line.