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69% increase in organic revenue

ClickSlice was hired by the South Korean tech giant, Humax, to improve the visibility of their products on Google and generate more revenue.

We were up against big name retailers like Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, and eBay, yet we still delivered.

213% increase in organic traffic

Dejex reached out to ClickSlice towards the end of 2021 and was after help to increase the volume of organic sales coming through their Ecommerce website.

Dejex is a national B2B horticulture supplier that sells a wide range of products ranging from fertilisers to PPE.

Page 1 = More Traffic, More Revenue

£1.7M in revenue generated for an electric bike store

278% increase in targeted traffic for a pet store

Page 1 domination for an online pharmacy store

192% increase in targeted traffic for a jewelry store

Domination for a wholesale outdoors store

74% increase in targeted traffic for a hot tub store

364% increase in targeted traffic for an electrical store

Page 1 domination for an electric bikes ecom store

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident in our ability:

We guarantee to get your website onto the first page of Google within 6 months, for at least one of the search terms we target.

In the rare event that we don’t get you on page 1, we’ll continue working on your site until we do.

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