What you need to know about Chelmsford

Essex is a county found in the east of London. If you are planning to take a short visit, you might want to learn about information about some of the places you can find there-such as the city of Chelmsford. Here are a few Chelmsford facts that you’d like to know when visiting the place. ClickSlice offers powerful seo services in chelmsford to help companies generate more sales.

Known to be the only city in the entire county of Essex, Chelsmford is a place where culture and history is mixed with modern day living. This is very evident in the city’s surroundings and architecture. It is
connected straight to central London by a 30 minute train ride at the Great Eastern Main line railway. The city has a population census of around 110,000 and people living in the city are called “Chlemsfordian”. Although seen as a modern day city, Chlemsford is still vibrant with buildings, establishments and bridges that boast of the earlier eras before modernization kicked in. Take the
Chelmsford Cathedral for example. This massive stone church was once a parish church called the church of St Mary the Virgin. Did you know that even with its massive size, it is actually considered as the second smallest cathedral in all of England. It was built about eight hundred years ago and was later remodeled in the fifteenth century. Another beautiful site to visit in this city is the Hylands house which is currently owned and run by the city council.

With so many previous owners dating back to as early as 1730, the rich history of this gorgeous estate is story like any other. A lot of tourists come to this place
to view the beautiful design of the villa.The place is also popular for its garden. The Hylands Garden is actually one of the top tourist spots in all of Chelmsford. It is also known that Henry VIII acquired an estate in Chelmsford which later became the home of his wife Ann Boleyn who was also her
ex-mistress. Another place that tourists and residents like to visit is the Chelmsford city market. It is filled with different produce, merchandise and trinkets. What’s interesting is that this market has been operating for a little over eight hundred years. It started during the reign of King John. To
this day, the city market has been the center of business and commerce of Chelmsford.

One Chelmford fact that is popularly known world- wide is about Marconi. Towards the end of the 1800s, Marconi started the operations of a wireless factory – a first in the entire world. This is why the city of Chelmsford is also known as the birthplace of radio. Another interesting fact about the city is that it also had a dark history on witch hunt. During the fifteenth century, suspicious women were accused of witch craft. They would undergo trial and when proven, they would be hung to death. On a lighter note, Chelmsford once became the capital of England although it only happened for a very short time.