How to Create the Perfect ‘About Us’ Page

An ‘about us’ page often ends up hidden in a website’s footer, added as a complete afterthought. 

When businesses do this, they are missing a powerful marketing strategy. 

If used correctly, your ‘about us’ page can become one of the most influential pieces of content across the whole site. Attracting readers and converting them into loyal customers.

What is An About Us Page?

An ‘about us’ page connects your users to your brand. It is a space for you to tell the reader your story, and solidify your brand identity.

This page is a dedicated space on your website to explain exactly what your company does, why you are unique, and why visitors should choose you. 

The best ‘about us’ pages are goal orientated. They show the history of the company and the mission that you are working towards.

It is an ideal opportunity to showcase your personality. Whether this is serious, relaxed, or playful – it allows your customers a genuine insight into your business.

About Us Pages Are Notoriously Bad

Companies really struggle to write effective ‘about us’ content.

Whether brands are embarrassed to show off their expertise or simply do not understand the purpose of the page, the space often becomes a jumbled, unstructured mess. 

However, without a dedicated page, you will struggle to transform viewers into buyers. Customers care about where their product or service is coming from and want to buy from brands they can relate to.

Therefore, a relatively small amount of time and effort can have a dramatic impact.

Why You Need One

The ‘about us’ page is often one of the most popular pages across many established websites. 

Because humans are naturally curious.

You will struggle to create a product, service or concept that is unique. So, visitors want to know why they should choose you above your competition. 

We know that no two businesses are the same, regardless of the product they are selling. But visitors want to understand what makes you different. They want a story, and to understand your beliefs and your ethos. 

A great about us page solidifies your brand image. It ties together with other elements of your marketing, including your logo and packaging.

What to Include

Your Backstory

Your visitors do not want your whole life story, but a little insight into why you formed the company and how it has reached the point it is at today can make a considerable impression. 

Highlight the gap in the market you spotted or the problem you solved. Including information about where the passion stemmed from is a great way to build a genuine relationship with your readers. 

Your backstory does not have to come in the form of a vast block of text. Infographics work perfectly for this kind of information. Using a timeline to show your company history is fun, easy to read, and a great way to tie your branding into this page.

Explain Your Mission

For example, you might be a clothing company looking to create a completely zero-waste product. This ties together your passion for environmentally friendly products, with a gap in the market for genuinely stylish, zero waste clothing items. 

Your mission does not have to save the world. You might simply want to create the best tasting instant coffee there is. 

But showing your readers how your beliefs, and your product or service tie together, is crucial.

Introduce Your Team

Some businesses choose a dedicated page for this, but it works equally as well on your ‘about us’ section. It is best to introduce your team with a photograph, their name, their role, and an interesting fact about them. 

This allows your visitors to get a great insight into your company and adds a personable touch to an otherwise faceless enterprise.

A Deep Dive into The Company’s Personality

Your ‘about us’ page offers an excellent opportunity to show what is going on behind the scenes. It might be a chance for you to highlight any local initiatives you are involved with, including any charity work. 

Rather than a page about your product or service, this space allows you the freedom to share your personality. These details help to build a connection with your audience and set your brand apart from the competition.

Establish Your Credibility

This page gives you the freedom to do a little bragging. Use solid facts and numbers to show exactly why you are the best. 

Whether this explains the solution you have created or some facts and figures about the results you have proven – visitors will value your honesty. 

You may even choose to include some client testimonials on there. Although we recommend having a separate page for those, a snippet can add credibility to the statements.

Include Contact Information

Although you will have a dedicated ‘contact us’ page, including contact details with your company overview is crucial. 

For service-based companies, including a location map will instantly let viewers know if your content is relevant to them. Effectively implemented local SEO means that viewers finding this page should be local, relevant customers. 

Of course, an email address and telephone number should also be included on this page, allowing readers to get in touch instantly.

Finally, be Genuine and Authentic

Readers are not searching for a sales pitch. They want something that they can relate to. 

With a real-life story, some clever copy, and interesting imagery, your ‘about us’ page can perfectly complement a solid company website. It will engage your audience and rocket your sales.

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