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How Can SaaS Companies Use SEO to Improve Their Brand Reputation and Online Presence?

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As your SaaS company works predominantly online and sells its software digitally, you must utilize appropriate digital marketing techniques to boost your online presence and brand reputation. 

High visibility and a superb reputation will help you stand out from the competition and give customers a reason to choose your software over other options. A simple and effective way to do this is to use a SaaS SEO agency and invest in proper SEO implementation for your website. 

We discuss the benefits of SaaS SEO below and how it can help give your company a sparkling reputation and get your software noticed.

Increasing Website Traffic

  • The primary benefit of SEO for SaaS companies is the increase in website traffic. The idea is that you improve your SEO so that Google will index your website and rank your pages highly for relative keywords that you have researched. 
  • The higher you rank, the more traffic you get, and the more traffic you get should hopefully result in a better online presence and more software sales. 
  • At the most basic element, SEO helps improve the visibility of your website. However, proper SEO implementation also helps reduce bounce rates and improve conversions. You want lower bounce rates as these are when a user visits only one page on your site and immediately clicks off. 
  • Higher conversions are preferable too as this means a customer has performed a positive action on your website like making an enquiry, downloading your software, or making a software subscription, for example. SaaS SEO helps make quality engagements like this which gives you tangible results.

Improving Website User Experience

Consider this – which company would you have a better opinion of? Company A, has a fantastic and responsive website that is easy to understand, has fast loading times, and presents the software information in a simple manner. 

Or Company B who has an outdated website with slow-loading graphics, and difficult navigation? The answer is obviously A! SEO is primarily used for improving website traffic but it also helps improve usability and this can do wonders for your brand reputation. 

If customers have an enjoyable experience when using your website and buying your software then they are likely to have a positive opinion about your company and recommend you to others.

Boosting Social Media Engagement

Google looks kindly on active social media accounts and positive engagements on social media posts. Part of SaaS SEO would be to look at your social media profiles and give advice on how to manage them and get more benefit from them. 

This involves regular posting schedules, using keywords in your posts, and creating high-quality backlinks to your website and software products. It also means remaining active and responding to customer engagements. 

All of this helps SEO and drive traffic to your site, but it also boosts brand reputation as customers will see that you are active and care about them as you reply to their comments and engage with them on social media.

Ranking Higher on SERPs

SERP = Search Engine Results Page. It’s a fancy term for the results you see when you type something in on Google or other search engines (Essentially just Google as no other search engines are important, except perhaps Bing!). 

High-quality SEO implementation and keyword research should help get your website ranked higher on SERPs. You would first research a list of keywords and phrases that people might use to find your software. 

Your web content is then optimized for these keywords and Google looks favorably on this and will hopefully list your business higher for those terms. The proven logic behind this is that people tend to only click on links from the first couple of pages of search results. Therefore, the higher you rank, the more exposure and presence you gain.

Targeting Ideal Customers

A great thing about SEO is that you can be specific with keywords and either target a broad audience and try to reach as many people as possible, or target your ideal customers to get better-value traffic. 

Using localized keywords or keywords you think your ideal customers would search for should help you yield better results. If people who actually want or need your software are more likely to see your adverts and website then your online presence should improve as a result.

Utilize SEO Today to Boost the Visibility of Your SaaS Company

Online visibility is vital for SaaS companies as your prime sales medium is digital. Without a strong online presence or a fantastic brand reputation, customers will simply go to your competitors and choose alternative software. 

As you can see from the above, SEO helps greatly with this and can benefit your company in numerous ways. The basic increase in traffic is excellent, but social media engagement, ranking highly on Google, and improved customer targeting are also essential by-products of SEO implementation.

Article by:

Joshua George is the founder of ClickSlice, an SEO Agency based in London, UK.

He has eight years of experience as an SEO Consultant and was recently hired by the UK government for SEO training. Joshua also owns the best-selling SEO course on Udemy, and has taught SEO to over 100,000 students.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, AgencyAnalytics, Wix and lots more other reputable publications.