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ClickSlice: The Facebook Ads Agency That Guarantees Immediate Results

Unlock the power of Facebook marketing with ClickSlice, the UK's top Facebook ad agency with a roster of big-name clients.

The world's biggest social media, with a whopping 2 billion daily active users, holds a wealth of paid social advertising opportunities. Reach your next customer on Facebook with ClickSlice.

London's #1 Facebook Advertising Agency

So, you’re delving into Facebook advertising but don’t know how to get the results you need. Maybe you’ve already boosted a few posts or played around with the Facebook business page, but you’re not getting the clicks and conversions you want.

Well, that’s where we come in.

ClickSlice is the leading Facebook ads agency based in London. With a roster of impressive name clients (seriously, check out our case studies) and over ten years of Facebook ads management experience under our belt, we’re the best choice to help you maximise your marketing budget on Facebook.

Whether you’re getting started with Facebook ads or searching for a complete social media marketing agency, we’ve got the skills to help get your eyes on your ad and your conversion rate through the roof.

Our fully remote, London-based team helps businesses maximise Facebook advertising across the UK and internationally. We’ve helped businesses get to grips with their traffic and digital marketing strategy, delivering incredible results and rocketing their reach to new audiences on social media.

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Our Award-Winning Process for Effective Facebook Ads

Ready to get started? At ClickSlice, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading process for creating great Facebook ads. Our team of experienced marketers and creatives work together to develop ads that catch your target audience’s attention and compel them to take action. With a data-driven approach, we ensure that your ads are visually stunning and strategically sound.

Here’s how we help our clients achieve incredibly successful campaigns as their award-winning Facebook partners. Here are five reasons why we set apart as the best SEO agency in London.

Our process begins with a deep dive into an understanding of your target audience and their behaviour on Facebook. We kick off with an in-depth market research phase, analysing your customers’ interests, demographics, and online behaviour. From this info, we can create ad content that resonates with your audience on a uniquely personal level.

We’ll also get our keyword geeks on to researching the competition. What are you up against? What’s the best social media advertising strategy to help us beat their numbers? As a top Facebook ads agency, we know the industry secrets, and we’ll use them to get you ahead.

While we do this audience research phase, we also analyse your current Facebook or PPC ads if you have any current campaigns live. We’ll start to do this right from your initial kick-off call, giving you an audit of your promoted activity across all social media platforms. We’ll take a look at your stats and the data behind your ads, seeing what you’re doing right and how we can help you move towards ad optimisation.

Then, it’s time to launch your ClickSlice campaigns. Whether you need more leads, more Facebook followers, or more app downloads, we’ll factor that in and ensure your ads are primed for success. Once your new ads are live, we continually monitor and optimise their performance to ensure they are delivering the results you want.

A key part of our Facebook Ads service is how we comb through the results of your ads and use our industry-leading conversion optimisation techniques to improve ad performance and maximise your ad spend.

We use advanced analytics tools to track key metrics such as click-throughs, engagement, and conversions. This data allows us always to make informed decisions, refining our approach to ensure that your ads are continuously improving and delivering the best possible ROI.

Work with the UK's Top Facebook Ads Agency

From ecommerce brands to small businesses, our award-winning process delivers the results you need to grow your business.

We’re the UK’s number one for a reason. Find out for yourself by working with us, the leading Facebook advertising agency, for immediate results.

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Not Just for Ecommerce: Running Varied Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads aren’t just for advertising products. B2B companies, ecommerce businesses and local stores can all reach their target audience via Facebook ads.

Our expert team specialises in creating and running a variety of Facebook Ad campaigns that cater to a huge range of business goals and target audiences. While Facebook Ads are often associated with ecommerce businesses, we know they can be used for so much more. Our consultants have the experience to help your business include Facebook ads in your digital strategy, whatever kind of business you run.

Take a look at a couple of our use cases and how we can help your business reach exactly the right people with our Facebook advertising services.

  • Looking to generate leads? Our team will help you create lead generation ads encouraging your potential customers to give their contact details for access to valuable content, such as a whitepaper or webinar.

  • Ready to reach key decision-makers in your clients’ businesses? Let our team create a Facebook advertising strategy for you to target users by their job titles, narrowing in on your decision-makers and helping them choose you. Then, we’ll help with ad creation, delivering an ad your target customer can’t miss.

  • Want to target Facebook users with your products in their cart? Let us create retargeting ads reminding them what they are missing and helping them return to your website and finish their payment.

  • Hunting for new customers and need to promote your brand? Let your dedicated account manager help you create awareness ads that introduce your brand to new audiences or showcase your products in a visually appealing way. We’ll help you from the ad format to the optimisation, rapidly increasing your customer base and propelling your brand to new heights.

At ClickSlice, the sky is the limit when it comes to running a Facebook campaign. Our dedicated team always takes a data-driven approach to create industry-specific strategies that maximise your ad budget. Then, once your ad is up and running, we continually monitor and adjust them based on performance data, making sure that your campaigns are continuously optimised for success.

Feeling inspired? Contact us today to start working with our incredible team and see for yourself how our Facebook campaigns radically improve your revenue.

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Our Full Range of Social Media Marketing Services

At ClickSlice, we know that success doesn’t come from Facebook alone. We’re a full-funnel ad agency, helping our clients with every aspect of their pay-per-click and social media ads strategy. We’ll help you drive traffic to your landing pages from the first ad, but then we’ll help you create a coordinated campaign to make sure your customers convert, showcasing your business across platforms.

From Google Ads to Facebook posts, video ads to Instagram advertising, we are your digital marketing partner poised to help you with every step in the funnel. We offer a total social media marketing approach to every one of our clients, helping you maximise your ad spend and see real results from the get-go.

Discover more about each of our services here.

LinkedIn Ads

B2B companies have found their audience network on LinkedIn. Reach decision-makers and businesses by promoting your products and services on corporate social media; LinkedIn ads are a great way to reach your audience. Don’t let your business miss out.


Are you getting the most out of your social media ad spend? Let ClickSlice tell you. Our Click Rate Optimisation (CRO) services help you spot opportunities in the data. Then we help you with our ad optimisation techniques to rapidly improve performance.

Instagram Ads

Meta isn’t just Facebook. Highlight products visually with Instagram advertising, and reach your customers in a whole new way. Whether in stories or as a post on the grid, Instagram advertising is an excellent way to retarget users and feature your products and services. See results from IG, and work with ClickSlice today.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Reach your audience directly and privately with a direct message on Facebook Messenger. With over 1 BILLION monthly users, Messenger is a perfect way to connect directly with your audience. Start seeing results from your messaging with ClickSlice now.

ClickSlice: Your Complete Online Success Agency, Guaranteed!

Ready to work with a marketing agency that guarantees success?
While most Facebook ad agencies work without making commitments, we’re so confident of our skills that we’ll promise you. If you haven’t seen an increase in traffic and conversions as a result of your Facebook advertising campaigns with us, we’ll work for free until you do.
But we’re not worried. We’ve had this promise since we started our agency, and we haven’t worked for free once! We know social media marketing like the back of our hand, and we know that our expert Facebook ads management techniques simply will not let you down.

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Facebook Advertising FAQs


Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for promoting national and local businesses alike. We recommend Facebook advertising to local businesses because you can use location-based targeting to reach customers in your area. Meta bases this information on Facebook users’ profile information, so it’s a very accurate way to prompt local lead generation.

Our local ad campaigns showcase special promotions or in-store events to attract foot traffic. We can even use Facebook business tools to book appointments and then Facebook Messenger to remind your customers of their upcoming visits.

Yes, Facebook ads can be used to promote products on Instagram.

As Meta owns Facebook and Instagram, you can manage both your Instagram advertising and Facebook ads in one place. Or, you can use both social media platforms to create ads for different stages of your funnel.

For instance, you could create Instagram ads that showcase your products and encourage viewers to click through to your Facebook profile or website to make the final purchase. Or, create Instagram ads to remind potential customers that they have some of your products in their cart, then show it to them again on Facebook. You could even integrate your online advertising and encourage your Facebook followers to follow you on IG too! These are all considerations for your Facebook marketing strategy.

Yes! Facebook allows you to target users based on their job titles and other factors like industry, company size, and more.

This little-known Facebook trick is handy for B2B companies that want to reach decision-makers. By working with a Facebook advertising agency, you can benefit from our industry knowledge and find unique ways to reach the most important people in your pipeline.

Definitely, Facebook marketing is an excellent tool for promoting events and ticket sales. You can create ads highlighting the event details, showcase event photos or videos, and encourage viewers to buy tickets. You could even use Facebook to drum up excitement for your event using UGC ad campaigns that show off your lineup.

A Facebook ad agency like us can help you create compelling ads like this that drive event attendance and rocket your revenue. Contact us now!

Of course. Facebook ads can be used to build your email list by promoting lead magnets like free downloads or exclusive offers.

We do this by creating a Facebook ad that drives users to a landing page where they can enter their email addresses in exchange for the lead magnet.

Yes! This is called retargeting and can be very effective at bringing customers back to your website or landing page to complete their purchase or call-to-action.

A Facebook ad is an incredibly successful way to retarget your audience. Facebook allows you to create custom audiences based on users interacting with your website, Facebook page, or other sources. Installing Facebook Pixel onto your site lets you track Facebook users as they interact with your content, then prime them for a retargeting ad later.

Of course! When it comes to promotions via a Facebook ad, the sky really is the limit.

Facebook ads can be used to promote app installs, downloads, and in-app purchases. We’ve got experience with all types of ad projects, including creating ads that showcase your app’s features and benefits and encourage Facebook or Instagram users to download or open the app.

As one of London’s leading Facebook advertising agencies, we experienced in working with clients from every industry, including app downloads and tech. If you’re looking to work with a team that has an acute understanding of your business online, contact us today.

Not just for selling products, Facebook ads can help you build brand awareness and create touchpoints at all levels of your funnels.

We’ll help you build a Facebook ad to build brand awareness by showcasing your brand’s values, mission, and personality. You could also create ads that tell your brand’s story, showcase your products or services, or even highlight your unique selling proposition.

Facebook ads like these work well in conjunction with other social media marketing, reaching your custom audiences across the applications they use and at different stages of your sales journey.

This is the million-pound question! Happily, our experts are experienced in helping your business do just this, using your Facebook campaign to target your ideal customer.

We help you target users who are most likely to convert by creating lookalike audiences based on your existing customer data. We use Facebook’s ad targeting tools to target your users based on their demographics, interests, and behaviour.

Then, we use Facebook Pixel to track how people interact with your Facebook ad and your website.

Facebook Pixel is a handy tool that lets Facebook ads agencies track users’ activity on your website after clicking on one of your ads. With this information, great Facebook ads agencies, like us, can make tweaks and changes to optimise your Facebook ads to reach more qualified leads and create custom audiences based on the actions people take on your website.

Optimising your Facebook ad for maximum ROI can be tricky. If you don’t work with Facebook advertising agencies, you could end up spending too much time on optimisation and making changes that have little to no effect on your ROI.

We continually monitor and adjust your ad targeting, bidding strategy, and ad creative based on performance data to increase ROI. Then, we also experiment with different ad formats and placements to find the most cost-effective and successful options.

It’s important to note that at ClickSlice, your social media strategy is never done. It cannot be ticked off a to-do list to be never worked on again! A digital marketing strategy that includes Facebook ads is a continuous process, and our dedicated team works non-stop to get you better results than the month before.