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Ecommerce SEO Audit: A Complete Guide

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We’ve been in the ecommerce SEO game for years now, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that a thorough SEO audit can be a game-changer for online stores. Let’s dive into why these audits are so key, and how they can transform your ecommerce performance.

What is an Ecommerce SEO Audit?

Think of an ecommerce SEO audit as a health check-up for your online shop’s search engine performance. We’re not just talking about a quick once-over here – we mean a deep dive into every nook and cranny of your site’s SEO. From technical elements to content quality, we leave no stone unturned.

When we conduct an audit, we’re looking to uncover hidden issues, spot missed opportunities, and identify what’s working well; it’s all about gaining a 360-degree view of your site’s search performance.

Why is Ecommerce SEO Audit Important?

In online retail, visibility is everything; an SEO audit helps you understand how search engines see your site and how you measure up against the competition.

In fact, it’s often number one on our list of tips to boost ecommerce SEO; search algorithms are always changing, and what worked wonders last year might be holding you back today. That’s why we always recommend regular audits to our clients – it’s the best way to stay on top of your SEO game.

Benefits of Conducting Ecommerce SEO Audit

Let’s break down why we’re such big fans of regular SEO audits:

Identifying Optimisation Opportunities

You’d be amazed at what we often uncover during an audit: sometimes it’s a bunch of keywords you’ve been overlooking, other times it’s technical issues that have been quietly sabotaging your performance. Either way, finding these hidden gems can lead to some serious improvements in your search visibility.

Enhancing Search Visibility

We’ve seen it time and time again – address the issues highlighted in your audit, and watch your search rankings climb. It’s not just about vanity metrics either; better visibility means more eyeballs on your products, and that usually translates to more sales.

Increasing Organic Traffic

Here’s the thing about organic traffic – it’s like gold dust for ecommerce sites. These visitors often have high purchase intent, which means they’re more likely to convert. By fine-tuning SEO based on audit findings, we’ve helped many clients see significant upticks in their organic traffic and ultimately in their sales.

Improving User Experience

We always say that good SEO and good user experience go hand in hand, and this holds up: many of the optimisations we recommend after an audit aren’t just positive for search engines – they also make your site easier and more enjoyable for customers to use too. It’s pretty much a win-win situation.

Boosting Conversion Rates

Now, this is where things get really exciting. An audit often reveals issues that are putting the brakes on your conversion rates. Fix these, and you’re paving the way for a smoother customer journey and potentially higher sales.

Checklist for Conducting Ecommerce SEO Audit

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When we’re diving into an ecommerce SEO audit, here’s what we’re looking at:

Website Structure and Navigation

We always start by examining the site’s structure. Is it logical? Easy to navigate? Both users and search engines need to be able to find their way around without breaking a sweat.

Keyword Research and Optimisation

Next up, we’re taking a magnifying glass to your keyword strategy. Are you targeting the right terms? Are there opportunities you’re missing? We’ll find out.

On-Page Optimisation

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of your product pages, category pages, and blog posts – we’re looking at everything from titles and meta descriptions to headers and content.

Content Quality and Relevance

Content is king in SEO, so we’re giving yours a thorough once-over. Is it providing real value to your customers? Answering their questions? If not, we’ll flag it.

Technical SEO Factors

Now we’re getting into the technical stuff – site speed, mobile-friendliness, SSL certificates, XML sitemaps. It might sound dry, but trust us, these factors can make or break your SEO performance.

Backlink Profile

We’ll also take a deep dive into your backlinks. Are they high-quality and relevant? Are the sites high-authority? Or are there some sketchy ones that need dealing with? We’ll let you know.

User Experience (UX)

UX and SEO are two sides of the same coin – essentially, we’re looking at how easy your site is to use and whether there are any barriers stopping people from buying.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

While we’re at it, we’ll be keeping an eye out for ways to optimise your conversion funnel. Are people dropping off at certain points? We’ll identify where and why.

Local SEO Optimisation

If you’ve got physical stores, we’ll make sure your local SEO is up to scratch; this includes your Google My Business listing, as well as optimising local, location-based keywords.

Mobile SEO Enhancement

With more and more people shopping on their phones, mobile optimisation is key if you want to be competitive. We’ll make sure your site is fully optimised for mobile users, with responsive design and fast loading times.

Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search is also on the rise, so we’ll look at how well you’re optimised for natural language queries.

Schema Markup Implementation

Finally, we’ll check that you’re using the right schema markup. It might sound technical, but it’s essential for helping search engines understand your content.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we’ve seen first-hand how powerful a good ecommerce SEO audit can be. It’s not just about ticking boxes – it’s about unlocking your online store’s full potential.

That said, we know SEO can be a complex beast. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or just want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your SEO efforts, why not give us a shout? We’re expert ecommerce services in the UK, and we’ve helped countless online stores boost their search performance – with just one discovery call, find out how we can do the same for you!

Article by:

Joshua George is the founder of ClickSlice, an SEO Agency based in London, UK.

He has eight years of experience as an SEO Consultant and was recently hired by the UK government for SEO training. Joshua also owns the best-selling SEO course on Udemy, and has taught SEO to over 100,000 students.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, AgencyAnalytics, Wix and lots more other reputable publications.