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Recipe Design

The Background

ClickSlice was hired by the prestigious branding agency in London, Recipe Design.
We were tasked with generating more targeted traffic and increasing Recipe Designs inbound lead volume.
Recipe Design offers an array of brand and design services, however, a big importance of the campaign was to ensure that the majority of the leads we generate are for their 4 core services:
  1. Brand Design
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Healthcare branding
  4. Consumer healthcare branding
The branding industry (especially in London) is extremely competitive with some big websites dominating the space. However, no matter who the competition is, with the correct approach and strategy, anyone can be beaten.

The Keywords

We selected a variety of keywords to target and focused on the ones we knew would generate the most revenue for Recipe Design once ranked on Google.  Here are a few examples of the keywords from the campaign:
“Consumer healthcare design”

searches PER MONTH

“Brand strategy consulting London”

searches PER MONTH

“Brand design agency”

searches PER MONTH

“Brand design agency London”

searches PER MONTH

“Brand strategy London”

searches PER MONTH

The Campaign


Our initial focus was to carry out a comprehensive manual SEO audit to assess the current state of the websites SEO. Carrying out an audit from day one is essential to ensure you’re not building your digital real estate on a weak foundation.


Once we’ve identified all holes in the current site’s structure, we quickly got to work to fill them all in and ensure we had a strong foundation to build upon.


Foundation sorted, we then moved on to creating new service pages we could use to target the agreed set of keywords. For some of these pages, there was not enough content on the page to convey relevancy. So our content team got to work to beef them up with perfectly optimized SEO content.


Our onpage SEO team then got to work and optimized the pages even further and added 32 internal links to help improve our target pages’ relevancy.


Once the website optimizations were complete, we set up an extensive, ongoing link-building campaign to push the site up even further. Our team focused on getting Recipe Design mentioned on big media websites to propel their brand name and domain authority up the Google ranks!

The Results

Recipe Design is now dominating the first page of Google for all of the core keywords and it’s only been four months!
The green arrows under the ‘Google Change’ column indicate how many positions their website rose in the search results – thanks to the ClickSlice method.
And thanks to the high rankings and increased visibility on Google, their organic traffic has been rising ever since!

Google Analytics Traffic

And thanks to the high rankings and increased visibility on Google, their organic traffic has been rising ever since!
That’s a cool 150% increase in targeted organic traffic!

Need More

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Note: Applying does not equal acceptance. We’re incredibly picky with who we work with, and only want to work with Ecom owners who are serious and hungry for growth.