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Questmoor Pharmacy

The Background

Questmoor Pharmacy is an independent run pharmacy based in Hertfordshire. They’ve been serving the community for over 30 years and wanted to diversify their revenue channel and also generate sales through their online Ecommerce store
Questmoor sells a lot of high end products from popular brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Clarins, Maybelline just to name a few!
We were tasked with the goal of boosting their online visibility and generating more sales through their online store.

The Keywords

Before we can start the campaign, we need to research potential keywords which would make sense to target on the clients website. With Ecommerce stores it’s always very straight forward, as 99% of the time it’s going to be product related keywords e.g “Emporio Armani diamond rocks’ ‘ which is a mens aftershave product and one our client happened to sell.
We sat down with the client and ran through all their products and collections to determine which products had the best margins and were ones they wanted to target.
We agreed to target 5 brand collection pages, along with all of the products within it.
The client specifically highlighted that out of these two brands, the two most important ones were “Emporio Armani” and “Frezyderm”.

The Campaign

Keywords finalized, we got started on the campaign.


Run a manual SEO audit to assess the current state of the website’s SEO. Carrying out an audit from day one is essential to ensure you’re not building your digital real estate on a weak foundation.

As the site had not done any SEO in the past, we were pretty much starting from scratch and had a lot of work to do. None of the pages were optimized and all had to be updated on a page by page basis to include relevant title, heading tags and meta descriptions.

In total we made 709 optimisations on the website!


Once the foundation was strong, we got optimized content written by Holly, our content strategist which we then added to the 5 collection pages.

Adding the right type of content on collection pages is a great way to further convince Google your collection page is really what you say it’s about.


With the content now live, we re-visited it again and added in strategic internal links to further boost the site’s topical relevance and take things up a notch.

These internal links also create the perfect set up for us ready to build upon when the link building commences


Once the website optimisations were complete, we set up an extensive, ongoing link-building campaign to push the site up even further.

Our team focused on getting Questmoor featured on big media websites to propel their brand name and domain authority up the Google ranks.


We implemented a bespoke informational keyword specific blog campaign to further help increase the site’s topical relevance and dominate those top spots!

The Results

Questmoor Pharmacy is now dominating the first page of Google and their website is now 10,000+ positions higher across all the keywords we’re targeting!
The awesome thing is that it’s only been 5 months!
Here’s a snapshot of how they’re ranking for some of the agreed keywords. The green arrows under the “Google change” column indicate how much higher they are in Google since the campaign started. There are 10 results per page on Google, so they’ve gone from all the way from page 11, to the top of page 1, not too shabby if we say so ourselves!
The great thing is that this big increase in visibility has led to massive increase in targeted traffic too! Questmoor has gone from 250 users per month to 1,100 users per month,

That’s a massive 340% increase in targeted traffic!

This increase has also resulted in a massive spike in organic sales coming through their website!
Our SEO efforts have resulted in a steady, consistent increase in organic traffic for the client, which continues to grow month on month!
Without revealing the clients exact revenue figures, organic revenue coming through their website is at the highest it’s been in the last 30 years!

Here's what Questmoor had to say themselves

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