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Evidence/Case Studies/Queen of Hearts Jewelry

Dominating the 22 karat indian gold jewelry industry

The Background

Queen of Hearts Jewelry is renowned for its exquisite collection of Indian gold jewelry, embodying traditional elegance and contemporary style. With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, they offer a range of stunning pieces, from bangles to bracelets, tailored for a discerning clientele. Their goal was to enhance their online presence, reaching a wider audience and showcasing their unique offerings.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

Our focused keyword research zeroed in on terms like “Indian gold bangles,” “gold Indian chain,” “Indian gold bangles 22k,” and “Indian gold bracelets for women.” These keywords were pivotal in aligning our SEO strategy with the specific products and search interests of their potential customers.

The Campaign


Custom SEO Strategy Development: We began by sitting down with the client to understand their objectives and crafted a bespoke SEO campaign to meet their goals.


Site Audit: A thorough site audit was the first critical step, revealing issues like duplicate generic title tags, under-optimized H1 tags, and insufficient internal linking. We shared these findings transparently with the client, along with our audit report.


Content Creation and Optimization: For keywords without suitable existing pages, we worked with Holly, our head of content, to create optimised copy. This effort included developing new pages tailored to target terms.


Targeted Blog Campaign: Post-optimisation we rolled out a custom, keyword-specific blog campaign to further boost the site’s topical relevance and secure top search engine rankings.


Backlink Campaign: Finally, we launched an extensive backlink campaign. Our objective was to elevate Queen of Hearts’ domain authority and brand recognition by securing features on prominent media websites.

The Results

The impact of our SEO campaign for Queen of Hearts Jewelry has been transformative

From a mere 4 clicks to the homepage in the previous six months, we surged to 458 clicks, marking an impressive increase.

Impressions soared from 2,900 to 78,000 quarter over quarter. That is a massive 2,589% increase in organic impressions!

Our keyword ranking efforts resulted in a monumental increase of 17,000 positions, with 5,500 keyword ranking improvements noted in just 3 weeks.

This significant growth in both visibility and engagement showcases our effective, multi-faceted SEO approach, from in-depth audits to bespoke content and strategic backlinking. Queen of Hearts Jewelry has not only achieved enhanced digital presence but also positioned itself prominently in the highly competitive jewelry market.

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