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Pet Weighter

The Background

ClickSlice was hired by Pet Weighter to help improve the visibility of their products in Google and generate more revenue.
Pet Weighter is an award-winning dog bowl manufacturer based in the UK. They sell weighted dog bowls that don’t move when your dog eats or drinks out of them (pretty cool right!).
To help Pet Weighter achieve their aims, we talked with the team about the current state of their Google rankings and their website. From this, we knew that our primary goal was to increase Pet Weighter’s visibility in the search results, targeting searchers that are likely to buy.
As they manufacture and sell “weighted dog bowls”, a lot of the keywords were pretty obvious – however, we found some great ‘pros and cons’ keywords too.

The Keywords

Some of the keywords we decided to target were:
The dog bowl industry is competitive, with a few names dominating the market, so ranking for these keywords wasn’t going to be easy.
The great thing about our chosen keywords keywords is that they all have extremely high buyer intent behind them. If someone searches for “weighted dog food bowls” then it’s likely that they‘re after a weighted dog bowl! So, conversions would be nice and high.
All we had to do was get Pet Weighter to appear as high as possible for these searches.

The Campaign


We started off the campaign by completely overhauling the content on the website. We decreased the keyword density by 4% across three pages, matching what the top-ranking websites were doing.


Once the keyword density was decreased, we wrote and uploaded twelve blog posts all targeting their own dedicated keyword. The content strategy allowed us to generate tons of additional traffic through Pet Weighter’s blog.


Once the website optimisations were complete, our next step was to capitalise on the quality new content with a link-building campaign. Reaching out to popular pet-related websites and working with our contacts in other media outlets, we incrementally improved Pet Weighter’s authority and pushed the site further and further up the Google rankings.


We had a few more tricks up our sleeves to get Pet Weighter into the top spots – but a magician never reveals all his secrets…

The Results

Our changes resulted in an increase in over 7,000 positions across all the keywords for our client!
Pet Weighter now ranks in the top five position on Google for all of their main keywords:

The Overall Traffic

When we took them on as a client, they were generating around 100 visitors to their site each month.
Now, they’re averaging about 600 visitors a month.
That’s a 500% increase in organic traffic!

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