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Made Simple Media

The Background

The primary goal was to generate more sales  – so ClickSlice would need to increase their visibility for keywords that are likely to find and attract those paying customers.
Before we could begin, we sat down with the team to learn about their core service, their brand, and their typical clients. Getting a deep understanding of the business is always the first step to uncovering what a searcher may type into Google to look for MadeSimpleMedia’s offerings.

The Keywords

In our research phase, we found it would be best to target keywords like:
We picked a variety of keywords to target and focused on the ones we knew would generate the most revenue for Humax. Here are a few examples from the campaign:
There’s quite a few big web design companies in these areas, so we knew we had a tricky task on our hands.
All these keywords have high buyer intent – in other words, if someone searches for “web design Horsham”, it’s extremely likely that they‘re after a web designer based in Horsham. Conversions for the websites ranking well for these keywords will be super high.
All we had to do is get MadeSimpleMedia’s website to appear in top spots for these searches, and we could make a huge difference to their sales.
Keywords confirmed, we got to work.

The Campaign


We started off the campaign with competitor analysis to see exactly what we were up against. Once we knew what the competition was and wasn’t doing, we crafted an SEO strategy that we knew would deliver results.


We built 26 supporting pieces of content and inter-linked them back to the target pages, demonstrating MadeSimpleMedia’s topical relevance and expertise. The business would already be on the way to the top of the search results.


Next, we used our well-honed methods to implement an outbound link building campaign and push the site up even further in Google. Our team focused on getting MadeSimple mentioned on big media websites to highlight their relevance and improve their page authority.


We also got them listed on the top directories in the UK. (This is one of our trade secrets! It makes a massive difference to the overall trust of the brand. We’ve got tons more impactful tricks, but for obvious reasons, we’ll be keeping them up our sleeves for now…)

The Results

It’s hard to get a website on page one for the keyword that includes the county name (“web design west sussex”) – let alone in the top three on page one.
This keyword has a keyword difficulty of 33, putting it over into the ‘hard’ category:
Despite the challenges, ClickSlice were able to rank MadeSimpleMedia in the top position within four months of starting the campaign
We did an amazing job on their other keywords variations too!
All keywords are within the top three positions:

The Overall Traffic

When we took them on as a client they were generating about 10 visitors per month to their site.
Fast forward to now, and they’re averaging about 275 visitors a month.
That’s a 2650%  increase in organic traffic!

Hear what made simple media had
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