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Evidence/Case Studies/Lawyers By Win Rate

From 37 leads per quarter to 753

Lawyers By Win Rate is a lawyer referral network that takes a data driven approach to matching legal leads to the right lawyer.

The Background

Lawyers By Win Rate is a lawyer referral network that takes a data driven approach to matching legal leads to the right lawyer. They hold masses of data on which lawyers in the US perform best before which judges for any particular case type and utilise this data to match leads to lawyers who stand the best chance of winning their case.
As they’re a referral business earning on a commission rather than the full value of cases, it was especially important for the campaigns to achieve maximum cost efficiency. Commission was only earned on leads closed by the lawyers, so lead quality was also of paramount importance.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

As the client was able to service leads across all case types, we focussed on having an extremely comprehensive list of keywords that may not have always been the most relevant but had a CPCs that were disproportionately lower so as to overcompensate for the lower relevancy.
This represented a different approach than we’ve typically take but allowed us to achieve huge CPC savings which, even accounting for lower conversion rates compared with a more conventional strategy, has translated to a CPA far below the industry average, making it a very effective strategy.
We eventually built a campaign that consists of millions of keywords and hundreds of thousands of ads. While this required a lot of heavy lifting during the build phase, going the extra mile with such granularity has given the client an edge in an extremely competitive landscape.

The Ads

Lawyers By Win Rate has a genuine USP, which the existing ads were not taking full advantage of, neither were they as tightly paired to the keywords and searcher intent as we would have liked. We therefore wrote new ads, with headlines that referenced the searchers location all the way down to the zip code level.
Parameters were also added to the ads’ URLs to dynamically match the location name in the landing page’s headlines to the searcher’s location. Having hyper localised ad copy and landing pages increased performance metrics across the board and differentiated the client from competing advertisers.

The Results

“ClickSlice’s expertise were so clear, we retained them to tweak every campaign we ran. When we were able to finally map conversions to those most likely to turn into a sale – their campaigns rose to the top.”
Over our first year working on the account, conversion volume rose from 37 to 753 leads per quarter, while the cost per lead decreased from $45.53 to $31.19, a decrease of 31.5%. Of course, the increase in volume of leads came with a much increased budget allocation from the client, which is testament to how impressed they were with the ROI they were seeing, something which subsequently improved further.

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