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Evidance/Case Studies/Hype Locker UK

278% increase in organic clicks

The Background

Hype Locker offers an array of sought-after designer brands like Trapstar, Yeezy, and Fear of God. Their focus on authentic and high-demand apparel and footwear positions them uniquely in the market. Our mission was to enhance their online visibility, highlighting their exclusive collections and driving significant traffic to their e-commerce platform.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

We targeted keywords central to their product offerings, such as “trapstar jacket,” “fog essentials tracksuits,” “fog hoodie,” and “yeezy foam runner.” These were crucial in aligning our SEO efforts with Hype Locker’s biggest revenue drivers.

The Campaign


As with all our projects, we started with a comprehensive site audit to establish a strong SEO foundation. This step was crucial in identifying areas for improvement and making sure we’re all set for effective optimisation. One essential part of this process was site speed optimization. By enhancing the website’s loading speed, we aimed to improve user experience and increase the likelihood of converting the incoming traffic into sales.


Our strategy involved creating user centered, but also SEO optimised content for our target pages. To effectively start building industry relevance, we also started our blog campaign led by one of our blog strategists – Emma. Alongside our main 5 focus pages, we also optimised an additional 40 pages, extending our efforts beyond the primary focus areas. This approach was taken to ensure we maximise the overall reach and impact of our SEO strategy, capturing a wider array of search queries and consumer interests. By broadening our scope, we aimed to enhance the site’s overall SEO health, improve user engagement across a more diverse range of pages, and ensure a comprehensive digital footprint for Hype Locker in the competitive online fashion marketplace.


When implementing content, we paid special attention to user experience. Our aim was to ensure that the content not only engaged visitors but also enhanced site usability, avoiding negative impacts on conversion rates and bounce rates. To achieve this, we collaborated with our in-house developer and Hype Locker’s team to design and implement a layout that seamlessly integrates content with the overall website design and ensures that information is presented in a way that resonates with the target audience.


To strengthen Hype Locker’s online presence and authority in the fashion industry, we also secured high-quality links from reputable and relevant sources. This step was crucial in boosting their search engine rankings and establishing Hype Locker as a leader in the competitive fashion and apparel market.

The Results

Our efforts have led to significant improvements across various collections, with many keywords ranking on the first page.
This increase across keyword rankings has positively influenced organic impressions and, consequently, organic clicks. In the last three months, Hype Locker has experienced a surge in organic clicks. From 880 to 6,054  for their main query, “trapstar jacket.”
One of our targeted keywords for the FOG collection, “fog essentials tracksuits,” is now ranking in the 5th position, surpassing even the official brand itself!
Our bespoke SEO campaign has contributed to an 278% increase in organic clicks. For clarity, these are clicks excluding their brand name!  Impressions are also up by a strong 97% further increasing their brand awareness in the market!
The 278% increase in organic clicks has translated to a significant increase in organic sales for the brand and sales are at an all time high.

Mission complete!

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