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Humax Direct

The Background

ClickSlice was hired by the South Korean tech giant, Humax, to improve the visibility of their products in Google and generate more revenue.
Humax produces set top boxes, so they’re in a daily battle with big-name retailers like Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, Argos, and eBay, just to name a few! No matter what keywords we decided to target, the competition would be some of the toughest out there. These giants have whole departments across the globe dedicated to claiming those top Google spots. 
However, no matter who you’re up against, you can always win the top spot if you work smart.

The Keywords

ClickSlice was assigned to focus on Humax’ Freeview box range, particularly their flagship Freeview product: the FVP-5000T.

We picked a variety of keywords to target and focused on the ones we knew would generate the most revenue for Humax. Here are a few examples from the campaign:

“Freeview recorder box”


searches PER MONTH

“Freeview hd recorder”


searches PER MONTH

“Freeview recorder”


searches PER MONTH

“Set top box recorder”


searches PER MONTH

We targeted the typical “solar panel + area” keywords: these are the bread-and-butter keywords that will bring in the sales.

The Campaign


Our first priority was optimising Humax’s Freeview page, to make sure Google’s web crawlers could recognise the content on the page and extract what they need. Once optimised, we re-configured their internal link structure and silo hierarchy to crank up the pages’ authority.


Once the website optimisations were complete, we set up an extensive, ongoing link-building campaign to push the site up even further. Our team focused on getting Humax mentioned on big media websites to propel their brand name and domain authority up the Google ranks!

The Results

Humax are now dominating the first page of Google for all of the core keywords!
The green arrows under the ‘Google Change’ column indicate how many positions their website rose in the search results – thanks to the ClickSlice method.

Pageviews Before & After

And thanks to the high Google rankings, their page views have doubled!



More Money, Fewer Problems

As we targeted keywords with a clear intent to buy behind them, our improvements quickly translated into additional revenue for Humax. Here’s how much revenue was generated for their flagship FVP-500T product BEFORE we were hired (6-month reporting period):



That’s a massive 69% increase in organic revenue!

Hear what Humax had to say themselves

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