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Eco Bikes

The Background

Eco Bikes is the UK’s leading Electric bike supplier and sells a variety of electric bikes ranging from mountain bikes to cargo bikes
Eco Bikes initially found us on Google (thanks to our own SEO) and reached out to us as they were keen to increase the amount of revenue generated through their Ecommerce website.
They had almost 500, 5-stars reviews and already offered a customer experience which was levels above the competition. It was clear they were a serious brand, they were just lacking the visibility on Google to be able to capitalize on that.
This is where we came in.

The Keywords

As always, we sit down with the client to figure out exactly what they’re looking to achieve and then put together a custom SEO campaign that meets their objectives.
From speaking with the owner, It became very apparent that they wanted to double down on specific ebike brand related keywords.
For brand related keywords, its very rare you’ll rank #1, as that spot is typically reserved for the actual brand website itself, however, as the client knew that customers don’t always order direct (it’s more expensive), he knew we could still generate good revenue from stealing the #2 position.
Here’s a snippet of two of the keywords we agreed to target to give you a better idea:
“Ampere electric bike”

searches PER MONTH

“E-go electric bikes”

searches PER MONTH

The Campaign


Once we researched and finalized all the keywords, we immediately started off the campaign with a comprehensive manual SEO audit to assess the current state of the website’s SEO.

Carrying out an audit from day one is essential to ensure you’re not building your digital real estate on a weak foundation


We discovered a lot of issues from the audit relating to duplicate generic shopify title tags, under-optimized H1 tags and a lack of internal links.

We’re always transparent without findings and provide a list of the audit report to the client.


For some of the keywords, the client didn’t already have a suitable page on their website to target the terms. So we notified Holly, headed out of the content team and she got to work writing some perfectly optimized copy that we could use.

In total we added new contenttegory pages. to 13 ca


In addition to this, we fixed all of the issues identified from our audit and optimized a further 105 product URLS (this was all just in the first month of the campaign!).

Whilst we can’t share all the details of our secret process, we can say that in total there were 304 optimisations made on the site.

The Results

Eco Bikes is now dominating the first page of Google and their website is now 3,000+ positions higher across all the keywords we’re targeting!

Eco Bikes now sits in position #2 for the brand related keyword, right below the brand itself!

For the “e-go” brand related term, we’ve managed to rank above the own brands website and steal the #1 spot

Traffic has grown drastically with a 72% increase in targeted organic clicks and a 88% increase in impressions.

Our SEO efforts have resulted in a steady, consistent increase in organic traffic for the client, which continues to grow month on month!
Without revealing the clients exact revenue figures, at the time of writing it’s 61% higher than the same time last year!

Need More

If you’re an Ecom brand owner doing more than £30k/month and would like to scale to at least £100k/m, book a call and apply today.

Note: Applying does not equal acceptance. We’re incredibly picky with who we work with, and only want to work with Ecom owners who are serious and hungry for growth.