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Evidence/Case Studies/Dejex


The Background

Dejex reached out to ClickSlice towards the end of 2021 and was after help to increase the volume of organic sales coming through their Ecommerce website.
Dejex is a national B2B horticulture supplier that sells a wide range of products ranging from fertilisers to PPE.

The Keywords

As always, we sit down with the client to figure out exactly what they’re looking to achieve and then put together a custom SEO campaign that meets their objectives.
From speaking with Alex, the owner of Dejex, It became very apparent that Dejex is a wholesaler. As a result, they were not interested in generating traffic from the typical local garden enthusiast who was after the odd fertiliser here and there.
They wanted to generate additional traffic from other horticulture businesses that were looking to stock up on more inventory. With this information on board, our keyword research team got to work to compile a list of relevant keywords we could target, below are some of those keywords:
“wholesale fertilisers”

searches PER MONTH

“horticulture supplies wholesale uk”

searches PER MONTH

“wholesale plant pots suppliers uk”

searches PER MONTH

“horticultural supplies”

searches PER MONTH

“plant pots uk wholesale”

searches PER MONTH

The Campaign


Once the keywords were finalised, we immediately started off the campaign with a comprehensive manual SEO audit to assess the current state of the websites SEO. Carrying out an audit from day one is essential to ensure you’re not building your digital real estate on a weak foundation.


The audit made it very clear that the site was suffering from a lot of poor optimisation and lacked internal links. As always, if the client does not already have a target page on their site we can use to go after the keywords, we’ll create a new one for them and also write all the content.


As Dejex, is an Ecommerce website with hundreds of pages, we only had to create an additional 9 pages to target some of the keywords. All the other keywords could be targeted by better optimising their existing pages.


Armed with this information, our content team got to work and crafted perfectly SEO optimised content for these 9 new pages. Our Onpage team then planned out how to optimise their existing pages for the biggest organic gains.

Whilst we can’t share all the details our secret formula, we can say that in total there were over 300+ optimisations made!


Once the website optimisations were complete, we set up an extensive, ongoing link-building campaign to push the site up even further. Our team focused on getting Dejex featured on big media websites to propel their brand name and domain authority up the Google ranks!

The Results

Dejex is now dominating the first page of Google for all of the core keywords and it’s only been five months!
The green arrows under the ‘Google Change’ column indicate how many positions their website rose in the search results – thanks to the ClickSlice method.
Here are some additional keywords we are targeting as part of the campaign too:
Here are some additional keywords we are targeting as part of the campaign too:

Google Analytics Sessions

When we first started working with Dejex, they were generating 622 visits a month, now they’re generating almost 2,000 visits a month (1,944 to be exact).
That’s a massive 213% increase in monthly visits!

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