Heading to Braintree and wondering if you need an umbrella?

Braintree which is a town in Essex, England experiences a
weather condition that is just similar to other towns in UK. In this town, the
summers are often short but the good news is that during the season, the sky is
partly cloudy hence you will enjoy it. The winter in Braintree is very long
hence you should expect a cold weather together with vigorous winds. The
temperature each year can range between 35°F and 72°F. In rare cases it can increase
beyond 82°F or goes below 26°F. If you are planning to visit the town for your
holiday activities that best runs in warm weather, it’s advisable to visit the
place between June and September.

Braintree Temperature

As mentioned above, the warm season is actually between June
16th and September 10th. This can be estimated to be
roughly 2.8 months. Daily temperature between these months is approximately 66°F.
During extreme cases, it can increase to 77°F and this typically is experienced
on the 1st of August. The lows are approximately 56°F.

On the other hand, the cold season will be experienced between
16th of November to 16th of March. 50°F is the average daily
high. The coldest day of the year in this town is on 7th February and
the lows35 could reach up to 35°F. The high is typically 44°F.

Braintree Clouds

There is no doubt about the fact that in this town, the
percentage of the cloud on the sky will vary from day to day. To be in this
place when the sky is almost clear, the best time to be there is during the
month of April on 3rd. This will continue to be exhibited for the
next 6 months. This will then end on the 19th of October. How
about the day when the cloud is almost invisible? July 15 has been forecasted
to be so.

Cloudier dates will start from October 19 up to April 3. This
is approximately 5.5 months. On December 27 the sky will be covered by clouds
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Braintree Precipitation

Wet days in this town will vary all year through. A wet day
is whereby at 0.04 inches of liquid does occur in terms of precipitation. Between
May 27 and February 5th, this town will experience wet days. This is
basically 8.2 months. The weather is equivalent to a wet day of about 25% in
terms of chances that those months will experience. From 31st of December,
the wet day’s peak will start.

When it comes to drier seasons, it will last between 5th
of February and 27th of May. This is averagely 3.7 months. April 28
is the only month in between which can exhibit a wet day.


Rain will fall all year long but will be heavy during the 21st
of October. On the other hand, the 3rd of March exhibits little

The last but not the least is the Sunny condition in the town. December which is the
shortest day in the town will have less sun experience. June 21 with the
longest day will get the sunniest weather.