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A Specialised Big Commerce SEO Service

Boost your organic traffic and revenue with our BigCommerce SEO services.

Generate More Sales With Our BigCommerce SEO Service

Recent data shows that organic SEO is responsible for nearly 25% of all ecommerce sales on the web. When done right, search engine optimisation can give your BigCommerce businesses a consistent (and growing) boost in organic search traffic and revenue without spending a penny to acquire new customers.

The reality is that with or without you, online shoppers are spending money buying products/services just like yours right this second. And each moment you’re not ranking on search engines for target keywords, those potential customers are going to the competition rather than going to you.
Since 2016, our search engine marketing agency has worked alongside a number of BigCommerce merchants who wanted to take a piece of the pie for themselves. And while ranking high on Google and other search engines won’t happen overnight, once it does, you’ll start to feel the difference and will ask yourself why you haven’t invested in SEO sooner.
If you want to add another source of consistent (and growing) stream of revenue to your ecommerce business, book a discovery call with our SEO experts today.

Our Proven Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Ranking high on the first page of search engines and beginning to outrank your competition month over month isn’t based on luck. At ClickSlice, we’ve developed and refined an SEO strategy we use for all of our clients when it comes to doing SEO on the Bigcommerce platform. It goes something like this:

Audit Your Website


Resolve All Technical Errors


Optimise Site Speed


Conduct Keyword Research


Update Existing Content


Write New Content


Begin Link Building


Send Your Progress Report


Analyse & Improve

A Tailored Big Commerce SEO Service

Each BigCommerce store is different, and to achieve ground-breaking results, a tailored SEO strategy is necessary. Our in-house SEO team will develop a customised approach for your campaign based on your specific goals, target audience, and competition.
That way, we’ll not only drive more organic traffic and paying customers to your site, but will also capitalise on opportunities in areas your competition is lacking, giving you a competitive edge.
During your campaign, we’ll make sure your site has the best content, targets all the right keywords (including the ones your competition is sleeping on), and has the strongest backlinks profile. Over time, success in search engines will be inevitable.
At ClickSlice, we don’t just want to drive more traffic and paying customers to your business. We want your campaign with us to solidify your position in the SERP (search engine results pages) and make you an authority in the industry for the years to come.
Sounds like a plan you can get behind? Let’s have a chat.

Meet Our BigCommerce SEO Experts

All successful SEO campaigns are a direct byproduct of a hard-working and talented team with a burning desire to be the best. When you partner with ClickSlice, you’ll get the best and brightest in the industry to work on your campaign.
Each and every member of our team brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. They are the reason why we can deliver on our promises and bring success to every business that partners with us.
Each and every member of our team brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. They are the reason why we can deliver on our promises and bring success to every business that partners with us.
From content writers and keyword researchers, to link builders, and web developers, we have all the right people in our arsenal to guarantee that your SEO campaign with ClickSlice is a booming success.

Did We Mention We Don’t Tie Our Clients to a Contract?

We don’t believe in lengthy contracts that tie down our clients and prevent them from doing what is best for their business. With this flexible and open-ended approach, we give our clients complete control over their partnership with us.
And while it’s a risky way of operating on our end, we truly believe it’s what has allowed us to yield our clients the best possible results month after month. As a result of our hard work and dedication, we continue to work with businesses that have been with us for years and are now reaping the rewards of our quality SEO services.

BigCommerce SEO FAQs

Our Bigcommerce SEO service is a specialised form of SEO that solely focuses on optimising websites hosted on the BigCommerce platform. For this type of SEO, our in-house team will take into account the unique features and functionalities of the BigCommerce platform. As far as the overall approach is concerned, a lot of the SEO tactics and strategies we use may overlap.

Based on client experience working with our Bigcommerce SEO company, the five biggest benefits (in no particular order) of investing in SEO include:

  • An increase in conversion rates (since the traffic is targeted)
  • Provides a steady and growing additional stream of revenue
  • Lower customer acquisition costs (CAC)
  • Less reliant on social media, buzz, or paid advertising to generate online sales
  • An increase in brand visibility and awareness

And while these benefits are pretty mind-blowing as they are, we wanted to go a step further and show you just how important SEO is in the e-Commerce space.

For example, did you know that 43% of all e-Commerce traffic comes from Google’s organic search? What’s more, 23.6% of all e-Commerce orders come from organic traffic alone. That’s nearly 1/4 more sales purely by getting your BigCommerce store to rank on search engines for keywords your target audience is already using.

And the thing is, your target audience is already shopping using search engines like Google. So if they’re not landing on your store, one thing is for sure, they are landing on someone else’s.

There are many ranking factors that can impact your Bigcommerce SEO campaign. As a result, we can’t give you a definitive answer. With that said, based on our previous and existing clients, within three to six months, you should start to see progress.

The thing with SEO is that progress compounds. The progress might look slow at first, but when your site picks up, it really picks up. That’s why we encourage all of our clients to be patient as nothing that is worthwhile comes quickly.

Just to give you an idea, some of the most important ranking factors that can impact how quickly you’ll start seeing results from your campaign include:

  • The authority, current standing, and age of the domain your site is hosted on
  • The quality and quantity of content on your site
  • The overall quality of your site’s backlinks profile
  • How competitive the keywords you want to target are

Depending on the ranking factors we discussed above, it can take months before you start seeing traction in your search engine rankings. So, if you have long-term plans to make your BigCommerce store a success, the sooner you start investing in SEO, the sooner you’ll see results.

Clients currently working with our experienced BigCommerce SEO agency started investing in SEO because they wanted to:

  • Create an additional stream of traffic and revenue
  • Make their business leaner and more profitable
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness for key search terms
  • Stay ahead of the competition in their industry

So if you share similar or the same goals as our existing clients, it’s a good time to consider taking the right step forward and investing in SEO.

The cost of a BigCommerce SEO optimization service can differ quite greatly depending on the scope of the project and the effort required to make your campaign a success. As a general rule of thumb, the more pages you have that you want to rank for, the costlier the campaign will be.

A BigCommerce store that only sells winter socks won’t spend anywhere near as much on SEO compared to a store that sells socks, hoodies, trousers, scarves, and so on.

With all that in mind, we always tell prospective clients that search engine optimization is an investment for the long term. Over a three-year period, the average ROI for an e-Commerce store is 317% and the time to break even is just 16 months.

It’s totally normal to be hesitant or unsure as quality SEO isn’t cheap. So here’s what we’d like to propose. Find a time and date that works for you, and book a discovery call with our SEO experts using the calendar below. Let’s have a chat to see if and how we can help take your Bigcommerce business to a whole new level.