Looking for the best bars in Braintree?

Find shelter, entertainment and fun in colder, cool and favorable weather in Essex. Wonderful cozy pubs are big in numbers here in Braintree. Warm up fireside is present. Have a chance to enjoy your best food and drink. A home-cooked meal and the pint of ale will suit you.
Here are the best bars to visit, just do that.

Our top bars in Braintree

The Hoop

This pub in the name of Hoop was originally four cottages that were used in 1460 by weavers. It only became a visiting ale house just 450 calendars ago. Today, The Hoop pub is regarded as the best cozy pub in Braintree. It is characterised by handsome timber that is framed the whole bar. It is has a unique appearance due to original brick fireplace make up. The large timber bar is stacked with a variety of the best superb bar. Just visit us. To eat, we usually recommend Toad in the Hoop. The bar takes the British cooking classic technique when it comes to food. At every single minute, The Hoop’s drink and food are always ready. We are so committed to offering the best rooms and best quality foodstuffs in all our departments. Read our menu and ask for the best leisure in Hoop.

The Compasses and Square

This is the traditional countryside bar. It is believed to have existed back in 1653. Despite those past centuries it still retains its authentic features even today. With its collection of antique and original features, The Square enjoys the electric furniture. This regulates the atmosphere within the pub. As you visit the pub the atmosphere is comfortable and homely yet still aesthetically pleasing and tasteful. Relax with the pint of special ale. The bar also serves the best tap room beside providing the best quality food and drinks. Read our menu, you will find something delicious at this classic pub.

The Bell Inn, Stamford-le-Hope

The pub resembles a chocolate box village. It is well-known the best coaching in from the 15th century up to date. Over 75 years, The Bell offers best products and cool drinks to the same family. With an open fire, two bustling bars and the traditional pub atmosphere the Bell Inn is the best place to relax. May it is in the morning or evening pints of ale are always ready. The bell offers a fantastic dinner, breakfast, and bed for just $150.

The Crown and Rose, Stanstead Mountfitchet

The cozy pub of Rose and Crown have been hub and joy for the community for many years. It is nestled comfortably at the center of the green village of Benfield Green. It offers an ideal cool drinking spot for visitors and locals. Find a comfortable chair in front of a wood burning stove. The weather is friendly to your jovial and fabulous atmosphere. The unique thing about it is the fact that the pub is dog-friendly. This is the reason why Jack Russell visits the area and gets a warm welcome.

King William IV, Essex

This is one of the best bars in Braintree. It is traditional food and drinking pub which is surrounded by real ciders and cask ales. After it came back to headlines in 2009, King William IV serves quality comfortable drinks. They also offer a variety of snacks and nibbles. Get your best cool drink here and enjoy your jovial atmosphere.
May it be afternoon or at night these are the best places for you. Whether you are a tourist or a local person you are all welcomed.

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