Where is Braintree, Essex Situated?

Braintree, a town in Essex, England, is situated 16 km to the north-east of Chelmsford and 24 km to the west of Colchester. It is not difficult to enter this town by road and the most common roadways happen to be the A131 and A120. It is possible to get into Braintree Essex from Colchester by using the A120 and likewise from Chelmsford using the A131. Moreover, there are frequent bus services with buses departing from Stansted Airport and Colchester apart from other locations.

The town of Braintree came into prominence since the 17th century when a group of Flemish immigrants was responsible for the prosperity of the woolen cloth trade. This trade was eventually known for the silk trade in the 19th century. Braintree turned out to be a prosperous town by 1850 when it was linked with London by a rail route. It soon earned its reputation as an agriculture and textile-based economy. The town hall was built in 1888.

However, the northern part of this town continues to be rural with a couple of rivers flowing in a northwest to southeast direction right through the heart of the town. There is Pod’s Brook as well as Rayne on the west with Pod’s Brook flowing into the Brain River. It was originally believed that Braintree derived its name from the river, but eventually it was found out that the town itself was responsible for the river obtaining its name.

Main attractions in Braintree

Amongst the main centers of attraction in Braintree mention may be made of a cinema, some eateries, a bowling alley along with a few other drinking and eating businesses as well. You will likewise come across an innovative Arts Theatre situated on Notley Road. A carnival is celebrated every year in June where many small attractions including fairs are quite common.

It will not be a tough ask to come across a decent restaurant in Braintree given that there are quite a few sandwich bars as well as pubs scattered across the town for satisfying your taste buds. However, in case you’d like to enjoy a scrumptious evening meal, it would be prudent to come to the town’s suburbs where Freeport is located. This particular place can boast of as many as 7 eateries serving different types of mouthwatering cuisines according to your personal preferences. If you’re after digital marketing then you can check out https://www.clickslice.co.uk/seo-braintree/ and see what we have to offer.

As many as 3 secondary institutions are also found in this town namely, Tabor Science College, Norley High School Technology Centre, and Alec Hunter Humanities College. You’ll also come across 90 retail units in the suburbs of the town in Freeport where stock is being marketed by designer brands. Apart from this, Braintree can also boast of a couple of railway stations as well from where trains depart every hour for London.


Although there had been a line in this town stretching up to Rayne and Great Dunmow, it ceased to be used for a long time and has now turned into a cycle route plus a country walk. Braintree can definitely be considered to be a popular destination considering the fact that it is situated in the vicinity of London.